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Vampire knight
Story published March 16, 2012 · updated October 9, 2012 · completed · 15 pages · 633 readers · 3,231 reads
A second series??
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A second series?? xxx

As you all know, I kinda English. I do study some Japanese, But I like to have at least subtitles .
And as you Vampire Knight fans may know.
There is a season 3, But, No kind person has made them with English Subs yet.
So I haven't seen the 3rd series yet.
And I promise. Once I've watched Vampire Knight Season 3.
I will write I Sequel to this one. With some different characters.
Oh, I kinda Made it look like Kara had died didn't I but.
She didn't turn into dust . Which dead vampires do.
So Kara will be included into the Next Sequel.
So teheheheheeheh I hope you enjoy.
and when Jade 'Thought' she saw her. She actually did. Lol
So, not to leave you in Suspense, Lol.
So there you go .
Thnxs Kit kat xx

Hope You enjoyed It please check out my other stories.
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Kit Kat xx <3  Kit Kat xx