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Ghost In The Mirror
Story published March 16, 2012 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 28 pages · 2,652 readers · 19,443 reads
chapter three
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Chapter three

        I sat on my bed, screamo music blasting through my stereo, with crumpled papers everywhere and my camera set on a tripod next to me. I wrote little skits but none of them any good. I growled and threw my notebook at the door but just as I did the door opened and instead of hitting the wooden door my notebook went flying and hit Chris in the face.
                "Oh my God. Chris, I am so sorry. I didn't think you would walk in at that exact moment!" I said quickly sitting up on my bed and turning off the music as Chris just glared at me and picked up the notebook. His expression softened as he held the notebook and walked closer to my bed.
                "I did knock by the way." he stated as he took a seat on my bed and laid back placing his head in my lap. "So what's this?" he asked, looking at my notebook. He flipped threw a few pages and read them.
                "Just some video ideas." I told him. "I have to film something today but I'm not sure what to do." I added. It was silent for a few moments. 
                "Harlot. There's something I want you to know-" Chris started saying as he lifted his head form my lap and looked down at me. He looked into my eyes and I just left lost, the feel of his touch on my cheek made me melt as his lips formed words but just as he was about to continue.
                "Chris! Where did you run off too!?!" Angelo's voice rang from down the stairs and scared us. Chris pulled away and I jumped.
                "Oh yeah, the rest of the guys are here. I better go see what they want." Chris stated with a sad tone in his voice.  Chris sighed and stood up from my bed and started walking over to the door. I quickly got up off the bed and ran over to Chris and grabbed his sleeve.
                "Wait!" I yelled for him. I wanted to know what he was going to tell me but I couldn't form the words in mouth it just came out like umm, but I panicked. "Do you wanna be in my video?" I asked quickly, the first thing that popped into my head and the moment Chris' face changed from surprised to confused I wanted to do a facepalm at my nervousness and inability to ask him what I really wanted to ask. "Well, I mean you and the rest of the band. I think it would be fun to do a video together." I told him. Chris looked at me then nodded and mumbled  something like I'll go ask the guys. He left the room and once that door I dropped to my knees for they were so weak right now. Why can't I ever be honest?

+ + + + + + 

        We finished making the video in the park with Chris, Angelo, Ricky, Ghost, Josh and Ryan. I still had to go home and edit the video but Ghost and I just sat on the jungle gym as the rest of the guys were fooling around. Josh and Angelo stole my camera and were taking pictures of Chris and Ricky trying to climb up the swing set. Ghost and I were just laughing at them, I expected Chris to easily get up their with his giant legs but he fell a few times. They were having a good time, I turned to Ghost as he was telling me about touring. 
                "Harlot!" I heard Chris call me, interrupting Ghost. I turned to see everyone had already left and Chris walking up to us. Ghost looked up at me but then jumped down.
"I better go catch up with the guys. You walk with Chris." Ghost told me flashing a devil smile and walking away. I rolled my eyes as Chris walked up to me and placed his arms on the side of each of my legs and his chin in my lap.
                "They left us." he whined cutely. I smiled and lightly pet his hair.
                "Then I guess you'll just have to walk me home." I told him, sighing a bit. Chris lifted his head and smiled at me before wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me off the jungle gym. I screamed as he lifted me into the air and let me linger. Chuckling, Chris set me down at his feet. I looked up at me, his eyes sparkled as he smiled at me. I quickly turned away and started walking down the paths of the park. Chris followed me. The sun was setting and it was getting pretty dark. I was glad Chris didn't just leave me to get murdered.
        I felt comfortable with Chris by my side, it felt much like when we were teenagers and would sneak out of the house and play on the playground at night. Chris use to put on music and sing to me as we sat on the swing sets. I always knew he wanted to be a singer and he even formed Motionless In White while we were in our last years of high school. I use to go to his small gigs and be his number one fan but now he has so many beautiful fan girls who love him and want to be with him. I'm not much to him.
        I was broken from my train of thought when Chris grabbed my hand and stopped me from walking. I stumbled back a bit as Chris stood in front of me looking down at me. His dark black hair fell in his face. He smiled and moved strands of hair away from his face and pushed them behind his ears. He is breath taking.
                "Harlot," he said softly, his hands reached up and touched the nape of my neck leaving a lingering feel. "Harlot, listen to me when I say how much I want you." he told me, his big hands gripping the nape of my neck and cupping my cheeks. "I know I was stupid but Harlot, I love you. You have to believe that and if you give me the chance I will make you love-" I cut Chris off and pushed him away from me.
                "Chris don't, you are my best friend." I told him pushing him away. I started to walk away but Chris grabbed me and spun me around. He grabbed my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine. I felt the cheesy sparks and the tingle on my lips only making me want more but Chris just pulled away and placed his forehead to mine and looked into my eyes.
                "I don't want to be just friends anymore. I will make you fall in love with me." he promised as he moved his hand from my face and intertwined our finger perfectly together and kissed me again. With his lips on mine and the moon shining down on us fate might be a little to hard to beat.
I so love Chris Motionless but I'm not sure if I should continue this story
so comment & favorite if you like it
& I will update more.