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Adopted by a Superstar...
Story published March 23, 2012 · updated February 1, 2013 · 51 pages · 2,708 readers · 24,848 reads
Meet...Sheamus (St
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Meet...Sheamus (Stephen Farrelly) & Dominik Mysterio

Hello, there fella!!

I'm sheamus, WWE superstar

Lately I've been look around different care homes to adopt a kid
I would kind of like to adopt a girl, between the ages of 10 and 14

One care home thinks they have got exactly the right kid for me 
and im going to meet her today, try to get to know her and see if she wants to be adopted

Anyway got to go now Rey Mysterio wants to talk to me 

Bye Fella

Hi, Im Dominik Mysterio  
(From left to right: Dominik, Angie(Reys wife), Aaliyah (Reys daughter(little girl in pink)
Yup that's right, my dad is Rey Mysterio, WWE superstar 

I go to the arena with him pretty much all the time and accompany him to the ring

apparently Sheamus has decided to adopt a girl and is going to meet her today!
and my dad wants to go wish Sheamus luck with it, and wants me to go too
Anyway i got to go now 

I don't know if people will like this story, but i love WWE, so if you like, please carry on reading and comment and tell me what you think!!!!!