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Things That Rhyme With I Love You (Complete)
Story published March 27, 2012 · completed · 2 pages · 534 readers · 591 reads
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        "Primrose Everdeen!" Effie Trinket's annoying Capitol voice rang out. I gasped as I watched Prim walk slowly to the stage. My pulse beat rather loudly in my head as I turned and looked at Katniss, who looked around frantically. She glanced at me seeking advice, I just nodded. She knew what to do. She pushed through the crowd, obvious tears brimming at her eyelids.

"Prim! Prim!" she called out to her small sister. The Peacekeepers took quick notice and held her back. 

"Stop! Stop! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" she let a few tears slip.

An unusual pain shot through my chest as Prim screamed. I hurried through the crowd and picked Prim up, ignoring her kicks and screams. I walked Prim over to Ms. Everdeen, whose mouth was open in shock.

"Mommy!" Prim screamed hoarsely, practically bawling now. She nestled her head into her mother's skirt, who let out a few tears of her very own. I hugged her in attempt to comfort her. The male tribute's name echoed through the air, in which I was too distracted to hear. I thought about volunteering, to ensure Katniss's safety, but immediately kicked myself for thoughts such as those. That could never happen. I had two families to worry about now.

I was allowed into Katniss's room by one of the Peacekeepers. My chest throbbed, as well as my ears and head. Katniss found her ways into my arms and we stood like that, taking in each other's smell. Katniss, she smelled like rain.. the nice shower after a four day drought. The drops dripping on lily petals... A smell only she could have. I pulled away first, placing my hands on her shoulders and staring deep into her Seam-eyes. 

"Listen, getting a knife should be easy, but you've got to get your hands on a bow. That's your best chance." I explained to her.

"They don't always have bows...." her voice cracked as her eyes moistened with more tears. God, I hated seeing her like this. I thought of the smile she always had in the woods, with me... That beautiful smile that I had fallen in love with. 

"Then make one," I stated, brushing a strand of hair out of her face, "even a weak bow is better than no bow at all."

"I don't even know if there will be wood!" she argued back, her eyes searching mine. My eyebrows knitted together, showing obvious frustration. How could she argue about that? Last year, in the sand arena, there was no wood. They all eventually died of the frigid cold nights... No fun for the viewers in that.

"There's almost always wood."

There was a pause, as if we were collecting our thoughts.

"You're right..." she agreed.

"Katniss, it's just hunting. You're the best hunter I know.. You know how to kill." I told her sternly, giving her another long hug. I hated to think it, but this may be the last time I ever see her...

All too soon, the Peacekeepers were back. I asked for more time, but they just brushed it off and started pulling me away from Katniss. She rushed up to me, giving me a bone-crushing hug, "Whatever you do, don't let them starve!" She cried.

"I won't, Katniss! You know I won't. Katniss, remember I-" the Peacekeepers slammed the door shut. 

"Love you..." I whispered to the closed door, letting a small tear slip.

I hope you enjoyed it. ^_^

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