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Legend of Zelda (link love story)
Story published March 28, 2012 · updated December 6, 2013 · 33 pages · 1,506 readers · 10,578 reads
Rise and Shine Dar
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Rise and Shine Daria

~*~(third person)~*~

It had been several hours since the boy had brought Daria to Granny. she was patched up, and healing quite nicely. but she seemed to by having trouble. with what; no one knows. but the young man was determined to help her, he didn't know why, but he wanted to help her in any way he could, even if it were only for just a little while, as she healed from her wounds.

Daria began to waken, not really wanting to, knowing what awaited her was only more pain and suffering in the world. now she had no one. her family was gone, Pinora was taken by thieves, and she had still yet to find Link. 

She was half tempted to rest on this comfortable bed until eternal sleep took her.

Wait.. comfortable bed? she could have sworn her body collapsed on the side of the street in castle town square. where was she now?

finally attempting to open her eyes. Daria hissed quietly at the bright light of the sun. 

"you're awake! GRANNY SHE'S UP!.. oh don't try to move. you had a nasty wound, rest for a while." She knew that voice, she had heard it before she collapsed in castle town. but who did it belong to? surely no one she knew.

looking over towards the sound of the voice, Daria tried to keep calm. (not knowing where you are sort of freaks you out ya know)

"wh-where am I? Wh-who are you?" her voice was weak and raspy due to days of not having to use it in her lonely travels.

"You're ok here. you're at Granny's Inn. I saw you collapse in the square and brought you here." The boy said with a grin, just then an elderly woman can into the room holding a few things that looked like bandages and hot water. 

"hello deary, it's nice to see you're finally awake. are you feeling any better? would you like something to eat?" the elderly woman was extremely kind. 

"I'm fine ma'am... the last thing I remember was passing out in castle town... how did I end up here?" Daria asked shakily as she sat up from the bed. 

the boy from before tilted his head. "I just told you miss, I'm the one that brought you here after I saw you collapse.remember?"

"o-oh yeah, thank you.. both of you. I don't know what would have happened to me if you hadn't found me when you did. I owe you."

"i'ts fine. I do this kinda thing all the time." he answered back with a smile."so, what were you doing out in the condition you were in? shouldn't you be home or something?" he asked tilting his head once more.

Daria's head sagged as her mood deflated and she looked down at the pattern of the sheets that covered her legs. the dreams came back like an unforgiving tsunami, crashing over her. Daria's heart felt like someone was crushing it in their hands.

"m-my family... I don't know where they are. I'm not from around here, i'm actually on a journey looking for a man that many people said could help me before Pinora was stolen from me." Tears burned at the edges of the young woman's vision. 

"Pinora?" The boy asked, giving a look of sympathy. 

"yeah, hes my horse, and the only thing I have left of my family, I HAVE to get him back. That's why I came here also. I was going to look for the man that everyone said could help me.. I thought I could complete my goal on my own, but I can't, and now I also am in need of his help to get Pinora back. but I have no clue if he would even be willing to help someone like me... I can't even save my own horse!" Daria explained, trying not to cry.

"It'll be alright miss. who is the man you're looking for. I'll be glad to help you find him." the boy said, putting a comforting hand Daria's shoulder as he did so.

"thanks, my name is Daria by the way, and the man i'm looking for goes by the mane of..... Link" Daria said, looking back up to see the boy's face... He was smiling. 

;P haha
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