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Short Love Stories
Story published March 31, 2012 · updated April 13, 2012 · 55 pages · 1,407 readers · 3,050 reads
Logan Henderson
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Logan Henderson

Hi, my name is Olivia.

You sighed as you started walking down the hall of the hotel/inn you were staying at. It is almost like a giant house, or mansion. So yea, you stay there. A few hours ago someone rented out the giant room down the hall and you were trying to sleep, but they were being loud.   You groaned and walked down the hall. You knocked loudly at the door. It swing open. You were surprised to see two boys standing in front of you. They looked at each other and pulled you into the room. "Hi, what's your name?" They shouted. You groaned and walked over to the stereo, turning it off. "Thank god, you finally turned that off." A voice came from behind you. You looked over to see a boy laying on the couch, pillow over his head. "Sorry, guys i'm just want to get some sleep today. Please. If you don't mind." Said giving the other two a look. Another boy came out of the room. Looked around adn saw you. He awed and walked over to you gving you a hug. "Brave girl." He mumbled pulling away and going back to his room. "Okay, now if you want to live longer i suggest you keep the music low or off, got it?!" The two nodded and you sighed and walked back to your room, falling into your bed into a long slumber. 
        You woke up to noise outside your room. You groaned and rolled out of bed, you went and got a shower. You climned out and got dressed. You did your hair and make up.  . You heard a loud crash outside the door. You open it and almost get your head hit off by a puck. You grow cross. You picked up the puck. "Which one of you did it?!" One pointed to the other. "Your room now!" you yelled them nodded running off quickly and into the room, letting the door open. "Okay." you growl. "Front in center everybody!!!" Automatically there are four boys in front of you. You looked at the four boys in front of you. "Names." You said. "James," "Logan," "Kendall," "Carlos and i'm sorry ma'am." He said head hanging in shame. You nodded.  . "Okay, i just want to lay out some rules with you fellows. I like the hall and everything in it, as it is. No braking thisgs. If you want to play hockey please go outside. Oh, and no loud music after 9:30. No, waking me up early either, okay?" they nodded. "Thank you, and my name is Olivia. and it is nice to meet you boys. Now if you need anything i am down the hall..." You said leaving. "Olivia." Called out a name and Logan appeared in the hall with you. "Sorry, sometimes they are...themselves. Very high spirited." "I understand Logan, boys will be boys...Wanna go get some breakfast with me?" You asked, hopeful. "sure." He smiled, shutting the door. You walked down the hall a ways. Kendall popped his head out, then came out shutting the door. He reached you guys. "Mind if i join you?" He asked. You smiled and nodded "Sure, let's go." You walked down the giant curving stair case, you brought them into the huge dining room. "Sit guys." You commanded. They pulled out two seats and sat down. You sat imbetween each of them. "Hello and good morning Olivia, what can i get you guys?" "The usual Mindy, thanks." She nodded and walked away. You smiled, talking with the boys. You started to develop kinda  a crush with Logan. You finished eating and they payed the bill for you, after you lost the agument about who's paying. You sighed and stood up, locking arms with Kendall and Logan. You skipped to the stair case where Kendall let go, running up the steps. You chuckled and walked up the stairs with Logan. You made it to the top, you walked with Logan back to his room. "Hey guys! Wanna go swimming with us?" You heard as soon as he opened the door. "Sure, what the hell.." You commented, letting go of Logan."Meet you down there." You walked back to your room looking for your swim suit. You sighed and scrubbed off your makeup and put on water resistent mascara..
-pick one...You grabbed a towel and opened the door. You noticed Logan waiting. "Hi, Olivia." He smiled at you. "Ready." You nodded. He smiled as you both started down the stairs. You were trying not to stare at his gourgeous body. He caught you staring and you blushed. You rushed outside. The boys were already at it. Playing in the pool. You sighed embarressed and sat on one of the beach chairs.
. "Your not getting in?" Logan asked. "Um...sure.." You said acctually unsure, but still got up. Logan smiled and went to the diving board, you on the other hand went to the steps at the shallow end. Logan jump and popped up a few feet a away. James and Carlos were messing around and Kendall was floating. You stomach tied in knotts. ugh, you had a probkem with swimming. Not very great at it. You breathing became uneasy. You swam uneasily farther out. "Livia You okay?" Logan said looking at you. But at that moment, Carlos and James jumped in at the same time. Causing the water to become unsettled and you went under. You were swept under, you couldn't get back up. You were stuck on a filter..You started to black out. A gasp escaped your lips. Letting more air out. You caught a glimps of Logan coming toward you, he tugged but you were stuck. We went back to the surface and this time, Kendall came down too. You felt air enter your lungs. You kept it there, but you blacked out anyway. You felt a fw more tugs, then you came lose and broke to the top. You were put on a hard surface and you started to cough up water. You opened your eyes slowly. The boys were sitting around you. James handed Kendall a towel as Logan helped you sit up. You noticed you weren't wearing a top. You coughed some more as Kendall wrapped the towel around you. You smiled weakly, shutting your eyes. You started to cry silently. God you were embarresed. You felt four pairs of arms slip around you. You hug the closest one, not opening your eyes. "Can someone get my top?" You stuttered out. You opened your eyes to see Carlos get up and dive into the pool he came up a few minutes later with the top. He pulled himself out of the pool and dropped it in your lap. You sighed and stood up.You turned away from them. You slipped the top part on and tried to tie the bottom. One of them came up behind you, tying it for you. You turn to see Logan. He blushed. You smiled sadly at him. "I-I'm sorry." You say then run back inside and up to your room. You shut your door and sat on the bed, starting to cry harder. "Olivia, Hun? Are you okay? Can i come in???" you heard Logan's voice ring. You didn't answer instead, he opened the door and came in. "I'm sorry Logan.." You said. "No, No, Livie..." He sat down hugging you. "I'm sorry, if i didn't ask you to get in you probablly be fine right now." You nodded letting out a breath. You turned and hugged him. "Thank you." You say hugging him. He turns all the way hugging back. You loved the way his skin connected with yours. It was..electric. He pulled back, placing a hand on your cheek, carresing it. You stared into his eyes. He leaned down and lightly kissed you. His lips felt great on yours. You breathed in sharply thought the nose and leaned into him. You smiled into it. He pulled back. "Be mine?" "Always." You say kissing him again. 

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