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Daughter of Artemis ->Percy Jackson story
Story published April 1, 2012 · updated July 14, 2012 · completed · 47 pages · 2,390 readers · 37,311 reads
chapter 21
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Chapter 21

Annabeth's POV

Where could that girl be? I thought. 

"Hey guys! Have you seen Vira?" I asked them nicely.

They shook their heads and continued doing their business.

"jeez. That girl is giving me a headache." I muttered under my breath.

I finally found her sitting under a shady tree.

I sighed "At last! I found you! Where have you been?"

She looked at me and said "All day long here."

"What? You didn't even    oh never mind."

"Want to sit? You look tired."

"Of course I am!" And I sat down and stretched.

We sat there silently, watching dryads chase one another, for minutes. Until I had the nerve to ask "So... How's it going?"

Her gaze saddened a bit but she recovered a second later. "You're the first to talk to me since yesterday morning."

"How about Mia? Caitlin? Nico and the others?" I asked.

"Mia is well.. a bit grumpy about me not telling her about my parent. Caitlin wants to talk to me but Drew, their counselor, doesn't want her to come near me, because I'm a daughter of Artemis.."

"Is that why Drew is dragging her back to their cabin? I saw them while walking around the camp."

She nodded "She always manage to say 'hi' to me but no more than that. Drew is keeping an eye on her. Nico.... I haven't seen him since yesterday... Maybe he went back to the underworld.."

"Or maybe just doing something. He mentioned once that he will be her this whole summer." I said hoping to cheer up Vira. "What about Percy and Will?"

"They are a bit surprised but also busy with training blah, blah, blah.. They talk to me sometimes, greet me then bye!" 

"Everyone is just surprised Vira! They will overcome it and be your friends again!" 

She just sighed sadly.

"What about another topic?" I blurted out. Then I bit my tongue.

"Sure. Pick one." 

My eyes gleamed "I may? You sure? Fine! How about your life! I'm sorry but you said I may!"

"Uh. It's okay. What would you want to know?"

"A thousand questions!! Like, like   

"Whoa! I just one person! I can't answer those in one time!"

I smiled widely and started by asking "Just out of curiosity. Who is your father?"

Her expression was pained "I don't know him. He died protecting me from the monsters who want to kill me."

"How old were you?"

"Two and a half."

"That's too young! Monsters ignore us until we reached 12 or 13!" I screamed.

"I know but they still attacked me. There are about 50 of them who wanted to eat me.You know, for glory. You ate the only child of Artemis? Other monsters will envy you. Father died. I was rescued by the Mother and the hunters. The goddess herself killed the monsters. She ordered the hunters to give her the sharpest and deadliest arrows. And shoot!"

"Awesome." I murmured. and she smiled. "So, did they take care of you?"

"No. I was put to sleep in a place.... I don't remember, for years."

"In Olympus?"

"No. Someone took care of me."

"Why did you sleep for years?"

"When I was born, the oracle of Apollo talked to Mother. She told her a prophecy or showed a vision. I don't know. Whatever the oracle did, Mother didn't tell me about it., but she told me the meaning. You are a rare child. You could be a very powerful ally to have. You are one of the first children of the gods. You could be immortal. In exchange, you will sleep, hundreds of years. Your future can only be molded by you."

"Oh! Where did you sleep?"

"Like I said, I don't know where they first put me. When I woke up, an old woman taught me. She was like a mother to me. I lived with her. When she died, I started wandering on my own. I slept in other places too. Olympus? Two times. Forest? More than four. Caves? Many.."

"Okay.. I guess others about that are to be kept as a secret, right?" I asked her politely and she nodded.

"Then, how old are you?"

"I honestly don't know."

"Okay... Moving on... Oh! I know what to ask next! Have you encountered any demigod?"

"Many times. I met a daughter of Aphrodite, when I was suffering. Her name is Ayanna. We played lots of pranks and cursed a horrible woman who adopted me. Then, one time, I traveled with two demigods. A son of Zeus and a daughter of Nike. They ended up being together."

"I also traveled with two demigods, Thalia and Luke." I said then memories of them played in my mind.

"Who is Luke?"

"A friend. He hosted Kronos, last year."

"I remember."

"You were there?"

"No. But I heard stories."

"Okay." I said, anxious to got to the next topic. "In your whole life, have you ever loved or liked someone?"

Her expression was hard to read. "Not love, but like. A mortal man."

"You fell in love with a mortal?" 

She glared at me "I said like. He was a hunter but a kind person. When he confessed he loved me, I just answered 'I like you too. But only as a friend.' Then he tried to kiss me."

"Then what?" 

"I smacked him. It should kill him, but I stopped myself a second before my hand hit him. I said sorry then ran away. Then I encountered the war."

"The Trojan War?" I guessed.

"Yes. I readied myself to fight but.." she winced as if the memory was painful "The fates appeared."

"The fates? I saw them once.... It's creepy, you know."

"It's a lot more creepier when they talked to you. It scared me out of my wits. They said This battle is not yours. Your fight will be in the future. I wanted to protest but one of them pointed to a direction. I know I must sleep."

"Have you ever encountered a hero? Hercules? Perseus? Achilles?"

"Perseus.... That's Percy's real name right?"

I rolled my eyes and said "Not Percy! Would I even ask that question? Not him! Zeus's son!"

"Oh. No but I was awake when he lived. The same with Achilles. Not Hercules or Odysseus. I ran into Atalanta once. We greeted each other then went to opposite ways."


"Are you done? I think, it's my turn to ask questions."

I straightened ans said "I'm ready."

"Do you think the campers hate me?"

I looked at her and saw deep sadness in her eyes. "Oh, Vira.... You're a nice person! They'll understand it! Just wait! We are your friends."

"Thanks." She said. Then A conch horn sounded. 

"Dinner? It's still three in the afternoon!"

"Then there's a problem."

Together we ran towards the horn and heard another sound. An angry roar of a monster.

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