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Bleach One-shots [On Hold]
Story published April 2, 2012 · updated September 7, 2012 · 19 pages · 5,694 readers · 15,899 reads
The Plan (Ichigo K
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The Plan (Ichigo Kurosaki)

(A/N: This is a one-shot request from Ichigo'sGirl XD. I sorta already had an Ichigo one-shot writen from a long time ago for a really close friend but I decided to revise it to make it better and change some names and such to make it a little for special for Ichigo'sGirl XD. I hope you like! Oh yeah, it's supposed to be based sometime before Rukia's execution.)

Nanami-Ichigo'sGirl XD

Mizuki- Me(Mizuki of the ANBU)

Michi- a close friend of mine (not the one this oneshot was originally written for)


Three girls were walking down a street towards their large shared appartment. Two of the girls, Michi and Mizuki, were gossiping with each other, while the third, Nanami, kept quietly to herself. Her mind kept wondering back to a certain orange haired boy. No matter how hard she tried, Nanami just could not get him out of her head. Every little detail about him drove her crazy. She loved his orange hair and how he got defensive when people teased him about it. She loved his natural scowl. But most of all, she loved how determined he was and how he would do anything to protect his friends and family.

"Ne? Namami? Is something wrong?" Mizuki asked her oddly queit friend. She was concered that something might be bothering her.

Nanami shook her head. "No. Why do you ask?"

"Well you've hardly spoken since we left school," Mizuki stated.

Michi decided to join the conversation. "She's right, you know. Usually, Mizuki is the one that keeps queit not you."

Nanami sighed knowing she wouldn't be able to get passed them. "I can't stop thinking about him..." Nanami admited while a blush formed over her cheeks.

"Him?" Michi questioned, looking over at Mizuki for some insight.

"She means Ichigo Kurosaki." Nanami nodded slowly to confirm Mizuki's answer.

"Oh! You like Strawberry?" Michi grinned playfully.

Nanami's blush darkened slightly. "Well, yeah..." Michi smiled before turning her gaze to Mizuki. Nanami did the same but the two girls found their friend staring further down the street with a focused gaze.

"What is it Mizuki?" Michi asked. Nanami tried to follow her Mizuki's gaze but found nothing.

Finally, Mizuki turned to look at Michi and Nanami. "Hollows. Ichigo's spiritual pressure isn't close enough so he wont be here to take care of them." About that time, a few hollows came through a hole in the sky and Mizuki's communicator began to beep. Mizuki frowned a little. "Looks like we'll be working today, girls." The three girls popped a soul candy in their mouths and jumped out of their gigais. Well, at least for Michi and Mizuki, they were gigais, however for Nanami, it was her real body. Mizuki turned to look at the their bodies. "You three go back to our appartment. We'll be home in a little bit." The three temporary souls nodded and took off without a trace. Mizuki turned her attention to Nanami. "Will you be okay by yourself? I know your still new at this..."

Nanami gave a reassuring smile. "Yeah, I'll be fine! After all I do have two of the best Soul Reapers for teachers!" Mizuki smiled and Michi gave a short laugh before the two vanished. Nanami sighed and took off after one of the hollows. Within minutes, she found it terrorizing a little boy spirit. "Hey! Leave him alone!"

The hollow stopped in its tracks and turned slowly to look at Nanami. It screetched in joy, seeing that a Soul Reaper had come. It had always wanted to try a Soul Reaper. "Finally! A decent meal to satisfy my hunger. For now, at least," the hollow cackled as its snake-like body slithered closer to Nanami.

Nanami unsheather her zanpakuto and attacked the hollow. However, the hollow was much stronger than she had anticipated. It hit it's rattling tail against Nanami's side and slung her into a nearby wall. The hollow laughed once again. "You're rather weak for a Soul reaper! I bet you don't even know how to use that sword of yours!"

Nanami stood up and dusted herself off before turning her attention back to the hollow. "That is were your wrong, hollow. Freeze the world, Shiva!" A large blast of freezing air encircled Nanami as her zanpakuto began to change from a simple katana to that of a beautiful icey blue scythe. The temperature around Nanami and the hollow dropped greatly to the point that ice crystals began to form on the buildings close by. Nanami twisted hey scythe around and sent a large wave of ice at the hollow, freezing it in place. She flashed above it's head and slashed the hollow in half.

Nanami landed back on her feet and returned her zanpakuto to its sealed form. She then turned around to see and unexpected surprise. Before Nanami stood the boy that had unknowingly stollen her heart. "You're a Soul Reaper?"

Nanami looked down, nodding her head to answer his question. "Yeah, I'm only a temporary one though."

Ichigo stepped closer to her and lifted Nanami's face up so she would be looking at him. "You're a temporary Soul Reaper too? Why didn'y you tell me?" Nanami shrugged her shoulders, not knowing what to say. Ichigo sighed, "You know you could have told me, right? I mean we're friends, aren't we?"

"Yeah, we are," Nanami whispered, silently wishing that they were more than just friends.

"Come on, I'll take you home." Ichigo offered as he began to walk down the street. "Does Michi and Mizuki know about you being a Soul Reaper?"

Nanami nodded her head. "Yeah. They both are Soul Reapers as well. Mizuki is actually the one that gave me my powers. She and Michi have been training me nearly nonstop since then."

"Woah! No way! I got mine from Rukia! Mizuki didn't lose all of her powers when she gave you hers?"

Nanami shook her head. "No, she didn't. And what I did take from her, she's nearly regained it all back."

"I see. Rukia is still having trouble getting hers back. I wonder if Rukia knows about you guys..."

Nanami looked over at Ichigo briefly and shrugged. "I don't really know for sure."

'Oh, okay." The two teens stopped when they noticed Nanami's shared appartment. "Well I guess this is your stop." Ichigo turned to study Nanami's face, as if trying to commit it to memory. He really wanted to tell her how he felt about her but Ichigo just didn't know how to put his feelings into words. He also feared that Nanami might reject him if he were to even try asking her out. Of course, unknown to him, Nanami was thinking the same thing. Having built up enough courage, Nanami finally broke the silence that had fallen over them. "Um...I know this is kind of stupid but I just want to let you know that I really like you!" A a bright blush colored Nanami's cheeks. "I like you a lot actually. I completely understand if you don't fell the same." Nanami continued to ramble on, clearly not seeing the releaved smile that had spread across Ichigo's face.

"You know," Ichigo began, "If you would just shut up for a few seconds, I might actaully get to tell you that I like you too." Nanami paused for a minute, unsure if she heard Ichigo correctly. She flashed her eyes to meet Ichigo's warm brown ones.

"Y-you mean it?" Nanami stuttered in surprise. Ichigo nodded his orange head.

"Yeah, I do. Now the big question is, will you you go out with me?"

A large smile spread quickly across Nanami's pink lips. "Yes!" She trew her arms around Ichigo's neck while he himself snaked his arms around her waist., bringing the two closer together. Suddenly, the front door of Nanami's appartment swung open to reveal three smiling female Soul Reapers.

"I see you're plan worked perfectly, Mizuki," Rukia grinned at the taller blond female.

Mizuki smiled happily, "Of course it did."

Nanami and Ichigo both turned towards the three girls with confusion clearly written on their faces. The young couple glanced at each other before turning back to their friends. "What plan?"

"To get you two together of course. What else would we be talking about?" Michi stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What was the plan exactly?"

Mizuki smiled knowingly and turned to walk away but before she left she looked back over her shoulder. "Let's just say...I have my ways..." Mizuki then turned back around and left with Michi and Rukia following closely behind.

"Remind me never to cross her," Ichigo mumbled.

Nanami nodded her head in agreement. "At least you don't live with her..."

Ichigo chuckled. "But I suppose we should thank her later." Nanami looked up at Ichigo wondering what he meant. Ichigo smiled lovingly at her. "If it wasn't for being together like this now, might not have ever happened."

Nanami glanced back in the direction her friend had gone and smiled thankfully. "Yeah, you're right. Thanks, Mizuki. For everything. Especially the plan."