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Ugly (Sasuke Love Story) [Finished]
Story published April 2, 2012 · updated August 18, 2012 · completed · 51 pages · 27,650 readers · 411,539 reads
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*Hotaru's POV*
I returned with a smiling face after my trip to the bathroom. The scenery was still beautiful. My mouth hung open as I gazed in awe at the flower-filled field. The sweet aroma of flowers tickled my nose. Trees that bordered the edges of the field was illuminated with paper lanterns with glowing golden flames inside of it. Th moon shown brightly in the black night sky. The wind softly whispered into my ears and made the flowers gently sway. Stray emerald leaves danced in the wind as they parted from their tree and floated about. The slight coldness in the air bit at my ears and tips of my fingers, but somehow made everything seem even more so magical than it already is. Sasuke took my hand and squeezed it, making me break out of my wonderful and simply amazing trance.
"Sasuke?" I asked in shock. "When and how did you do all of this?"
Sasuke smiled at me. "I planned all of this out when you were sleeping. I got the idea when I was watching you seep an--"
"Wait, whoa, whoa! Hold up Romeo!" I put my hands up in motion for him to stop, not noticnig I that I called him Romeo. "You were watching me sleep? Creeper much? I think it's way creepy. Creepy like Edward Cullen watching Barney and friends, if it ever happened."
Sasuke rolled his eyes at me. "Yes. I was watching you sleep. Anyways, I planned this all out when you were sleeping. I thought that I should apologize for what I have done to you all of these years. I know nothing in the world could make you fully forgive me. So I went for almost forgiveness and did all of this! I called up Kiba and the rest and asked them to set this all up." Then he mumbled something to which I couldn't hear and  understand, but didn't bother to ask what he mumbled because I my mind was still focused on the beautiful field.
"Sasuke! This is amazing! Actually, better than amazing! It's, eh. . . umm. . .  what's a word better than amazing?" I asked. I snapped my fingers before Sasuke could answer. "It's amazingerish! If that is a word, which I don't think it is." 
Sasuke pulled me closer to him until I was about a foot away from his face. "It gets better."
My eyes lit up. "Really? How?"
Sasuke moved in closer and closer to me until my nose was a few centimeters away from his nose. I could feel my heart start racing at this point. My hands started to get sweaty. I could almost hear my heart aching to burst right out of my chest. Is he going to kiss me? Will he kiss me? Do I want to kiss him? How do you kiss? oh no, I don't know how to kiss. What if I kiss the wrong way? What if he uses his tongue? Will I go with it or pull away and slap him? Does he want to kiss me? Does he even like me? No, he likes Sakura? Ohmygosh! What of Sakura find out about the kiss? Will she kill me? Will she make my life a living underworld? What if Tadaashi finds out? What if dad finds out?! He will kill sasuke! He is a cop and all. More and more questions swam in my head. I could imagine my head looking like a bowl of alphabet soup. That would not be good if my brain was soup.
"Come with me." Sasuke pulled me along deeper into the field of flowers. I followed behind in disappointment and confusion, wondering why he didn't just kiss me right then. Sasuke put more force into the pulling, seeing that I was deep in thought and slowing down. "Hurry up Hotaru! You're as slow as a turtle!"

Created on April 1st, 2012, finished on July 26, 2012. (c) to Mizuki Nakamura Yuki. 
This story is based on my emotion towards bullying and the emoions of being bullied myself