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Enchanted -Austin Mahone Love Story
Story published April 3, 2012 · updated April 14, 2013 · 60 pages · 717 readers · 8,451 reads
Chapter One/Sparks
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Chapter One/Sparks??

I yawned, and the teacher droned on and on about being kind to each other, being grateful for what we have and stuff. We’re on a class trip thing. We could only go if we could afford it. The others had to stay and learn. Hah. Suckers. Just kidding!


We’re from Michigan, but we’re in Atlanta, Georgia for this trip. This trip is about being thankful for everything we have. It’s a week trip, and it’s only the first day.


“So, have any of you heard of Christian and Caitlin Beadles?” the teacher asked. My head snapped up. I’ve heard of them! I mean, I love them. The teacher looked at me with a smile, and I nodded. “Have any of your heard about miss Caitlin’s accident?” she continued. I nodded again, and the teacher smiled. Then she started to tell us about the accident.


The story makes me tear up every time. I looked around. There were only about twenty of us students. I only had like, one friend here, but she’s super quiet. And, the teacher likes me. I get good grades, and she knows my parents and stuff. The bus stopped in front of a HUGE house. We all got out, and stood there.


“Okay, this is the Beadles house,” the teacher, Mrs. Haze told us. My jaw dropped. We’re standing outside of their house. Not stalking or anything…


“ISN’T THIS CONSIDERED STALKING?” I yelled up to her. Mrs. Haze laughed.


“Not when I personally know these people,” she chuckled. I raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders. “And, students, look at how nice their house is, and look at what they’ve been through. Aren’t they just…inspirational?” she asked, quietly. I smirked and shivered. What do a house and an accident have to do with each other?


It started to rain, and I pulled my hood up. Mrs. Haze went up to the door and knocked. “What are you doing?” I yell/hissed, walking up to her.


“Calm down, Courtney!” she hissed back. “I know these people, and I asked if we could meet them as a class, they said yes!” she told me. I raised my eyebrows.


“Okay. But I think I’m the only person in this class that knows who these people are,” I whispered. Mrs. Haze laughed again.


“Maybe so,” she said, and then the door opened. Christian opened the door, and he was smiling. My heart stopped, and I took my hood off.


“Oh, I’m sorry, guys. You can come in, and out of the rain,” he said, opening the door wider, but whispering something to Mrs. Haze. Mrs. Haze then pointed to me. Christian smiled at me and politely pulled me aside.


“Hey, sorry I don’t mean to be rude or anything,” he started, and oh boy his accent!:) “But you’re the one person who knows about me?” he asked. I nodded, smiling. He smiled back. “So, do you know Austin Mahone?” he asked, quietly.


“Oh, that name sounds familiar,” I said, thinking. Christian pulled out his iPhone and showed me a video of a guy singing.


“That’s Austin!” he said, with a grin. I ‘Aw’ed.  Christian chuckled. “And he’s here too…do you think your classmates will be okay with that?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.


“I don’t think they’ll notice anything different…this group of people is not really…Internet related quite yet,” I said, trying to sound nice. He laughed and I smiled.


“All right, good to know,” he said, smiling at me. “I’ll introduce you to Austin, Courtney,” he said, leading me away. The rest of my classmates were awkwardly standing in the corner. “Austin, this is Courtney,” Christian said, raising his eyebrows. Austin smiled at me, and stood up.


“Hey, I’m Austin,” he said, shaking my hand. Dang. I felt sparks. Austin looked shocked when he pulled his hand away, too. “Um…wanna sit?” he asked, sitting back down. I sat next to him and we started to talk for a while.

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