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I hate you. (Andy Biersack Story) [Finished]
Story published April 3, 2012 · updated July 25, 2012 · completed · 70 pages · 3,771 readers · 60,604 reads
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-Maribelle's P.O.V- 
Today was my date with Andy and I'm so excited! I was wearing short shorts, a crop top, and my black bathing suit under. I walked towards the beach, only to see a table for two with candles lit. And there, standing behind the table, was Andy. I ran towards him and he picked me up and swung me around. 

"I love you Maribelle." Andy said. 

"I love you too Andy." I said, smiling. 

Andy pulled me closer by the waist and gently grabbed my face and pulled me into a gentle, yet passionate kiss. 

*Two and a Half Years later* 
I was breathing unevenly and was shaking. Today was the day, I officially become Maribelle Autumn Biersack. 

"Maribelle, calm down. You're going to be fine." Sammi said, squeezing my shoulders. 

'But, what if he doesn't say I do, or if I forget my vows. Or if - " I panicked. 

'Maribelle, if he asked you to marry him, I believe he would say 'I do'" Sammi said. 

'Thanks Sammi. For everything." I said, giving her a hug. 

"Alright, dear, time to go." Papa said, opening the door. 

"I'll be right next to you,remember that" Sammi said as she walked out the door. 

'Are you ready?: Papa said. 

"Ready as I'll ever be." I said, taking a deep breath and began walking. 

-Andy's P.O.V.- 
The music started playing and the couples started walking down the aisle. Everyone raised from their seats as Maribelle and her father started walking. She looked beautiful, no gorgeous. I smiled as Maribelle's father handed her over to me. We walked to the priest and joined hands. 

*Skip what the priest said, cause I have no clue what the guy says.* 

"Do you, Andrew Dennis Biersack. take Maribelle Autumn Young, as your beloved wedded wife?" 

"I do," I said, giving Maribelle's hand a squeeze. 

"Do you, Maribelle Autumn Young, take Andrew Dennis Biersack, as you beloved wedded husband?"

"I do." Maribelle said, smiling. 

"With the power vested in me, I pronounce you man and wife. You may now, kiss your bride."

I gently grabbed Maribelle's face and kissed her with all the passion I had in me, Maribelle, doing the same. 

"Hello Mrs. Biersack." I said, connecting our foreheads. 

Maribelle's smile grew wider and kissed me again. We both walked back down the aisle as everyone threw rose pedals at us. 

"We're officially married." I heard Maribelle mumble. 

"I love you HoneyBooBoo." I said. 

"I love you Chosen One." Maribelle said. 

The End.