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Hetalia One- Shots ~Forms Please! (On Hold)~
Story published April 4, 2012 · updated May 11, 2012 · 18 pages · 408 readers · 1,467 reads
Don't Give Up ☛
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Don't Give Up ☛Germany☚

Hello! I am Jackie Carriedo, a.k.a. Philippines.
And if you what to know somethings about me, I'll tell you .
I'm outgoing, caring, somewhat strict (that's why Prussia called me Germany the 2nd) and kinda short tempered.
I have gray hair, blue eyes and tan skin.
My family is Spain, I hate France.
My best friends' Japan, Italy and England.
And... shush about this.. I like Germany.
I don't want to tell you anything else.

"I'm not as strict as your brother!"
"Yes, you are. That's why you guys are the perfect two!"
Gilbert said.
"W- we're not the perfect two! Gilbert, just give my jacket back!"
"Ludwig told me to steal it from Japan, 'cause he's getting jealous."
"Ludwig's not that kind of guy! You are!"
Gilbert is my friend but he is such a pain sometimes.
Then I grabbed my jacket and left.
"Hermana |1.1|, are you okay?"
"I'm fine, Antonio."
"If that's what you say,"
It was a silent trip until...
A car crashed into hermano's |1.2| Camaro.
And the impact was so strong every bone in my body feels like jelly.
After a while, an ambulance came and took Antonio and I.
Then I blacked out.
Germany's P.O.V
Gilbert & I were drinking beer while the T.V. was on.
I saw a 'Breaking News' report and told Gilbert to make the volume higher.
"There was a car crash at _____ Highway. The cars were told to be a black Range Rover and a red Chevrolet Camaro-"
"Isn't Spain's car a Chevrolet Camaro?"
"What?! Really?!"
"A boy and a girl with the names of Antonio & Jackie Carriedo have been sent to the hospital due to these circumstances. I am Rose Hood and this is your Breaking News."
I was shocked.
Jackie, the love of my life, is almost dead.
"Okay. Sheesh."
When we were there, I hurried to the desk.
"Ma'am, where's the room of Jackie Carriedo??"

"Patient, bruder."
"Room 342. Level 3."
"Thank you!"
We ran to the elevator.
~ROOM 342~
"Do you think she's okay?"
I heard Kiku say.
He's inside already?
Then I just went in.
Italy, England and Kiku were all there.
We saw Lovino at Room 341.
That's Antonio's room.
"Is she okay?"
I asked the doctor.
"We're not that sure."
"Can I talk to her?"
Kiku, Arthur, Feliciano and the doctor left.
"Alone, please."
"If you're my bruder, you would kiss her."
My cheeks were the Barbie-Color.
Then Gilbert left.

"Are you alive?"
"L.. Ludwig.."
Her heartbeat was slowing down..
"Don't Give Up on me!"
"I... love..."
What is she saying?
"I love........ you."
"Jackie, I love you, too."
I planted my lips on hers and her heartbeat was getting louder and faster.
I made her alive again.
She said, once we pulled back.
"I really love you."
Then she kissed me again.

|1.1| sister
|1.2| brother
Thanks for being interested!! 
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