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Lecure Poems and Quotes for anime characters!
Story published April 6, 2012 · 1 page · 161 readers · 193 reads
Ciel Phantomhive
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Ciel Phantomhive

Okay, I'm sure you all know this guy. Right?: 

Well, I had made a character of my own on Black Butler and I happen too have an interest in lectures and poems and quotes, so I decided too make up a little story when Ciel could have anytime, but proubly at the very end of the show (I'm not going too spoil anything!) when he had time. Alright, so first off, let's start with my personal favorite.

*Setting: Ciel sat in his room, with Sabastian inside as well. He sat on his bed with his pajama's on, more of a "Man night-robe." He sat with his legs up too his chest and heheld his head, his now fixed ring on his thumb. Late at night, about an hour after Lady Elizabeth "Lizzy" had been taken home.*
Ciel: *Coweredly whispering too the two, but it could be heard faintly outside the door* If I throw the ring away, I don't have too listen too the screaming anymore. At least that's what I believed. Rediculous, yes?
*Silence had appeared in after Ciel's weakened, heart-aching admitting fear*
Sabastian: *finally cutting the silence, he turned too the door* You may enter, now.
*Ciel's attention was taken too the door. Soon, the new maid, Mai Hondan, walked threw the double-doors.*
Mai: *She stood infront of the two, noticing a certain glare on her by the young-master. They never truely had gotton allong, not the incident she had caused him. She takes a sigh, lowing her head slightly.* I heard everything...
Ciel: *his eyes narrow and is about too shoo her off when she goes on*
Mai: *she held her head up this time as she spoke* ..." "

*The two stand in Ciel's studies and they had been arguing after a little shot at by Ciel that set Mai off, and it lead too them screaming at one another. They were still young, so give them a chance.*
Ciel: Get out! Get out!
Mai: *she growls* Why did you say that?! Do you want me too break your nose?!
Ciel: *he stand sup at his desk and walks around his desk, infront of Mai and slaps the maid's face. Not regretting it, he takes his distance away from her, just in case she would return the favor*
Mai: *She stood there, her head lowered and her bangs covered her eyes. She looks up and reveals blood falling down her mouth and nose*...Look, Ciel..." "

Okay, so that was the little story I wanted too fit in, but no worries, there will be other stories! So these are just some others I would say too Ciel in Black Butler, but these one'd do have stories, I just thought they were too cheesey too put up. Alright, here they are!