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Hello I'm your daughter *FINISHED AND SEQUAL*
Story published April 6, 2012 · updated November 24, 2012 · 19 pages · 708 readers · 9,487 reads
First day of schoo
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First day of school

Today is the first day of school -.- I am still really depressed about the whole pregnancy thing. I mean I have been eating and talking but I'm in my room all day. Dad is worried but he shouldn't be. I quit smoking for the baby. Anyway I got up and dressed into Oh did i mention at the last concert I was announced as Jinxx's Daughter so I'm a little worried that there might be some people who would recognize me :/ I got Blade and we had Andy drive us to school.

The whole car ride i just stared out the window listening to Crawling by linkin park. We got to the school and i walked out and went to the main office to figure out where my locker is and get my schedule.  Locker 271. Blade's locker is 478 :(  Figures but we have all the same classes so that's a good thing.....right? I walked in my first class Math and took a seat in the back next to Blade. School has only been going on for a month so.....

It's now lunch and Blade had lunch detention so i sat at the back table where no one was. Jake gave me leftover pizza for lunch because he didn't want it to go to waste. Just then two kids one girl one boy that looked "Emo" came and sat by me.

"Hi I'm Skaii, Skaii Ferguson" I introduced myself.

"Hi i'm Snow Marie Dawn :)" Snow introduced herself

"Hi I'm Trevor" Trevor introduced himself "Hey snow did you hear Blade moved in with some girl and her family?!?" he asked

"OMG YES!! AND HE'S DATING THE GIRL " Snow yelled Just then Blade walked in and sat by me and took out his pizza. Yes Jake doesn't like throwing pizza out -.- "So Blade who are you living with..??"

Blade calmly answered "Skaii....."

Trevor kept looking at me "OMG SKAII I KNOW YOU!!!!!   Your Jinxx's Daughter!!"

"And....? It's not that big of a deal."

"Wait aren't you
.....Pregnant?" Snow asked

How the hell did they know that?!?!!?!?!?

THanks for liking this story it means so much to me :D I have really big ideas for this!!!