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Hetalia One-Shots and Stories (Reader x Hetalia character)
Story published April 7, 2012 · updated June 21, 2012 · 66 pages · 30,263 readers · 215,637 reads
Romania oneshot (r
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Romania oneshot (request)

"Why do you have to leave me?" you said the tears that had welled up in your purple eyes overflowing. Romania looked at you sadly and glanced at the army that was about to leave his borders.

"We're being beat in this war and I can't let anymore of my people get hurt"

"But why you?"

"Because I want to fight alongside them, even if it means putting my life at risk." you wiped away the tears that had been falling down your face and launched yourself at him. He wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly as you sobbed into his chest.

"Just don't forget me, okay Romania."

"How could I ever forget you? I'm in love with Airi " he knelt down on one knee and took your hands.

"I promise that I will come back no matter how long it takes. When I do come back I promise to be yours forever, do you feel the same?" you nodded, threw your arms around him and kissed him. He returned the kiss sweetly but with an underlying passion that made his affections known. The kiss was about to get deeper when you heard a small cough behind you.

"Um, sir? Are you ready to move out?"

"Just give me a minute, okay?" the man walked away and Romania kissed you again, the kiss much more passionate but a lot shorter. He stood up and smiled.

"I'll be back, so wait for me." you nodded and felt your eyes moisten up again.

"I love you Romania."

"And I you" he turned around and walked down the hill, only stopping to look back when he was about to march out.

*1 Year later*

"ROMANIA HAS UNFORTUNATELY LOST THE WAR! ALL SOLDIERS WILL BE RETURNING HOME!" it was like you had one the lottery. You were so happy, not about Romania losing the war, but about him coming home. About a month later, all of the soldiers from your town came home. You looked through the crowd for Romania but instead found one of his best friends, and your next door neighbor, Walter Hyde. 

"Walter, where is Romania?" he sniffed a little but and regarded you sadly.

"After the last battle we lost he was like a zombie going back to camp and going to sign the treaty. After that night he just vanished and we never saw him again." you suddenly remembered a disturbing piece of information the Romania had shared with you right before the war started.


"Everything is going to be okay Romania, you'll win this one!"

"I don't care whether I win or lose, its about if Russia takes all of my land away from me."

"And why would it matter?"

"If an opposing country takes all of another countries' land and gives that country no land to sustain itself on, the country would simply cease to exist."


"Did Russia decide to completely take Romania over?"

"Why yes he made that decision? Why should it matter though?" the tears in your eyes overflowed and you ran out of the crowd and into the small forest that surrounded the town. You hadn't realized you had been running until you started gasping for air. You stopped and looked around to see where you were.

"This is...." you were at the edge of the lake that was right next to your town. You realized where you were in Romania's most favorite spot in the village. The sun had almost set in the sky and it cast a orange glow making the water sparkle.

"God I'm going to miss him."

"Miss who?" you turned around and faced the familiar brown eyes of Romania.

"Romania....?" you touched his face and he held your hand there.

"Yea its me.... I missed you so much Airi" he kissed you so passionately that you gasped allowing him to well,...... enter. As he kissed you, you felt something sharp poke your tongue and then you felt the metallic taste of blood. He shuddered and broke away from the kiss letting you feel what happened to your tongue.

"Romania I think you cut my tongu-" he kissed you roughly and swiftly entered your mouth again but you felt your tongue start to hurt as he repeatedly cut it with his.... FANGS!? You pushed him away and looked at him in the light. His skin had gotten a lot paler and his eyes had turned a dull red. He looked at you confused and you nervously smiled at him. He smiled back and revealed large pointy canines.

"Your teeth....." his eyes reflected a deep hunger and desire that made you scared yet happy at the same time.

"Russia took all of me so I ceased to exist  but he then gave me all of my land back as long as I stay out of his affairs. But you remember what I told you about that, right?" you nodded and he regarded you sadly.

"I came back but I'm not the same. I've pretty much been turned into a vampire.... will you still love me?" you looked at him shocked and he turned around to leave.

"OF COURSE I WILL!" it was his turn to look in shock and you got closer to him.

"Just because your not the same as before doesn't bother me... your still the Romania I fell in love with! I love you." he closed the distance between you and kissed you again. Passionatly but a lot more sweetly than before.

"Airi I love you"

Author's Note:
Okay so I had help with this one~! the idea goes out to my friend Kawaii and things. SHE IS AWESOME AND I WANT YOU TO CHECK OUT HER HETALIA ONESHOT STORY THINGY! Kawaii and things..


Enjoy :3