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Zayn Malik Love Story~Out for a walk
Story published April 7, 2012 · updated April 22, 2012 · 3 pages · 594 readers · 1,388 reads
Chapter 1~Football
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Chapter 1~Football (soccer)

     It was a chilly night out. I went out for a walk since I had gotten bored at home. I got my Ipod and put it on one of my favourite playlists. It was the playlist labelled "One Direction♥." I loved One Direction. I loved Zayn the most. I really wanted to meet them but I never had the chance. In other words, I had One Direction Infection. Anyway, I left the house and followed the path leading from my house to the park. It was about 10 o'clock at night. There was hardly anybody out. I started jogging down the path untill I noticed some people playing football (soccer) at the park. I slowed down. As I got closer I realized it was actually 5 boys playing football. They were quite good I must say. I myself had a passion for football myself. The closer I got to them, the more familiar they looked. That was untill I saw a face. I could'nt believe it. I just stood there in shock. It was Zayn Malik from One Direction. My heart started beating faster. I then noticed the other 4 boys. Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam. Looks like they were playing a game. Zayn had the ball. He was about to take a shot. It was a bad shot. The ball was coming in my direction. I stopped it and yelled 

"That was a bad kick!" in a sarcastic tone and then kicked the ball back to the guys.

"Ooooo" the boys said. 

"At least mine was a good kick" I said while laughing. I started walking towards the guys. I still could'nt believe it. I was about to meet One Direction for the first time. God were they fit. I started to say,

"One Direction playing football at the park at night" while laughing.

"Looks like your a fan" said Niall.

"Yes I am! Now lets see, you are Harry, you're Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn." I said.

"Correct!" replied Louis.

"Since there's 5 of us, and you seem to play football, would you like to join us for a little game? 3 on 3?" said Zayn with a little wink at the end.

"Good idea Zayn!" said Liam. 

"I would love to! So what's the teams?" I replied while smiling and looking into Zayn's gorgeous brown eyes.