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You mean something to me, (A Ray Ray love story) Staring you
Story published April 9, 2012 · updated April 11, 2012 · 31 pages · 1,641 readers · 9,787 reads
The beginning.
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The beginning.

 RayRay's p.o.v.
Man, I feel so hurt leaving all my friends and family back in Minnesota. But now, I'm here to meet new people in this dope school in L.A. I finally make it to the school. I get out and I'm like, "The new kid again" I sit on the bench and relax while the students are pulling up for school. People are staring at me, and its uncomfortable, but it's all good. Next thing you know, A yellow charger with silver spinner rims with black windows, pulls up in the parking lot, blasting the song, Good ones go by Drake. I like that song. I can't see who's in it. I couldn't wait to see who it was. Then they opened the door and got out..I-I..I can't even say one word...
End of p.o.v.

Yn's p.o.v.
This summer has been great! I got my new cars, and spent my whole summer in Florida. I missed my friends and boyfriend. ALOT. But now it's my senior year and I'm ready to go all out. I park my yellow charger with my spinner rims in a parking spot and I step out. I see Mel, Dani, and Macy! Then I scream..
End of p.o.v.
You are wearing...  

You: GIRLS!!
*Mel, Macy, and Dani look and scream back, and run after Yn*
All: I missssed you!!!!!
You: I'm so glad to see you guys again, my god.
*All start talking about how our summer went*
You: Yeah, I swam with Dolphins and one kissed me and I said "Oh Daniel has compe*GCO*
Mel: Look at HIM. I'm guessing that's the new kid. Look at them 2 braids. Hahahah.
Macy: He's so cute, but not my type.
Dani: Agreeed.
You: Just a little girls..just a little.*lied*
*They all look*
Rays p.o.v.
She's...beautiful! With that pink tube top, blue jean shorts, and pink stilettos. I think..anyways, the way her hairs falling on her shoulders, pretty dark brown hair at that. I started to wander off, gon' about my business and then I hear giggling and i look to my right and its That girl and her friends looking at me smiling and laughing. BUT...that girl is just staring at me..Not smiling or laughing..not even smizing(smiling with eyes). Then she slowly looks the other way. Hm..dang.
End of p.o.v.
Your p.o.v.
The new kid..cute. But, I have Daniel! Anway, when my friends were smiling and giggling at him. I just stared at him and when he looked, his eyes were GORGEOUS..All i could do was turn my head.
End of p.o.v.
Dani: *chuckles* Why were you looking at him like that Yn?
You: Hm..? Like what!? I was just looking. *laughs*
Macy: Oooh. someone likes himmm.
You: N-n-n-noo. Macy, shut up.*jokingly*
Macy: Okay okay! hahaha!

*Bells rings*
Story: The bell rings and Yn has Technology first hour. But everyone must get their stuff from their lockers. Ha.
Yn's p.o.v. 
Wow..The new kids locker is like 5 lockers down from mine. Ha, I catch myself staring, it's just the way his two braids fell to his back, Lol. Too cute.
End of p.o.v.

Ray's p.o.v.
I get to my locker, and I feel watched. I look to my left..No one. I look to my right, it's that cute girl staring at me again. i look that good? Ha! When I look at her, I do a slight smile and she doesn't smile at all, and she slowly turns her head again. she shy or WHAT. Whoa..then I see a guy next to her and they hug..GREAT..-___-

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