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Make a Wish (One Direction Story)(Finished!)
Story published April 10, 2012 · updated December 12, 2012 · completed · 127 pages · 4,958 readers · 61,107 reads
Amber Hayes
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Amber Hayes

Hello there. 
My name's Amber Hayes, I'm 19 years old.
I'm Irish, given my last name I assume that was slightly obivous.
I lived in Limerick, but over the past few months situations have caused me to move to the united states.
So now I live in Calafornia, San Fransico.
I live here with my younger sister, Ellie, and my 'daughter', Spencer. 

I don't really have parents, I never really have. 
They were drunks, and abused me and my sister.
When Spencer was born, the doctors at the hospital diognosed her with Astrocytomas, Childhood, It causes brain tumors, and they have to be tested. If their not cancer, then they can be removed by surgery, if they are cancer, then they have to go through intense treatment before they can be removed. 
My parents being the drunks they are, didn't keep up with doctors appointments, so at age 16.
I ran away. 
For a while we, being my sisters and I, lived in Coventry, England.
After I had enough money, I got us a plane to America, where I could get Spencer the treatment she deserved.
But now after 3 years here, she's just turned 5. 
And she goes into the hospital every few weeks for check up, and usually has 1-2 tumors every other visit.

So I work full time at a Hair salon.
Ellie helps out with the money situation by walking dogs from our apartment building.
And the people in our building are verry nice to us, and watch Spencer when I can't find a sitter. 

Well I guess thats everything...Bye for now!

I hope you like this story ^^

I thought of it after my friend was diagnosed with cancer.