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Ice princess (gray love story)
Story published April 10, 2012 · updated 5 weeks ago · 71 pages · 5,363 readers · 45,199 reads
welcome to fairy t
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Welcome to fairy tail

My first fairy tail story

I decided to do a gray love story because he’s awesome.

Please enjoy.

---Alex’s POV---

“Alex we’re here” Yuki my friend and partner shouted in joy as she flew beside me, I nodded my head in reply and stopped to look at the town up a head, the town were fairy tail is, Mongolia.

We entered the town, it was nosy and huge it’ll take a while to find fairy tail, I thought walking past the many stalls trying to sell things to people. Yuki rested on my shoulder, she was probably tired from the journey and I don’t blame her.

I kept walking around looking for fairy tail, but after about an hour of walking I think I got lost. I saw a park with a huge tree in the middle, I was tired so I decided to rest for a while under the tree and also wait for Yuki to wake up.

I lay down and stared at the sky, it was sunny and few clouds drifted along the blue scenery.  I stayed there for about half an hour before I felt Yuki start to wake up, I looked at her as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. I sat up with her and she smiled at me, “thank you for letting me rest.” She said flying up to me and hugging me.

“OMG IT’S ANOTHER HAPPY!!!” a voice yelled completely killing the mood. We both turned to see a girl with blond hair, pointing a shaky finger at us. “Um excuse me?” Yuki said hiding behind me with her head poking out, the girl snapped back looking at the two of us. “Uh oh I’m really sorry it’s just that your cat looks a lot like a cat at fairy tail.” She apologized waving her hands in front of her.

Yuki stepped out from behind me, “no it’s ok, I’m Yuki and this is Alex, nice to meet you. Were just a little lost do you know we can find fairy tail?” she asked bowing a little. “Oh I can take you there, I’m part of fairy tail and was on my way there now.” She said showing the pink mark on her hand, “oh thank you so much, we want to join fairy tail you see.” Yuki said jumping onto my shoulder as I stood up.

“Really? Well nice to meet you I’m Lucy. I’ll show you the way, follow me” she said taking my hand and dragging me by many houses. Will they accept me into their guild, I wondered. We walked for a while and Lucy talked about the people in the guild, they all sounded very fun and strong too. I think I’ll like it there.

We arrived at a building with a wooden plank which read ‘Fairy Tail’ I’m finally here. “Come on in and meet everyone.” Lucy said opening the door and walked inside, I followed her in and what I saw surprised me. I saw many people, so happy and laughing even when they were fighting, the atmosphere was so happy and warm.

“Alex? Am I dreaming?” Yuki said tears in her eyes, I shook my head. “I’m sorry it’s just sometimes I can’t tell with you because your expression doesn’t change.” She said flying up to me and clung to my shoulder.

I walked around the large fighting group and sat next to Lucy. “Oh who are you?” a voice asked from behind the counter. I looked up and saw a pretty girl with wavy white hair, a red and white dress and a bright smile on her doll like face. “Nice to meet you I’m Yuki and this is Alex we would like to join if possible.” Yuki said jumping off my shoulder. “Oh really well I’ll ask master, I’m Mira Jane nice to meet you.” I bowed my head a little as she left to find the ‘master’.

“So Alex, where are you from?” Lucy asked a small smile on her face. “Alex is from a village in the-” Yuki started but stopped after a darker blue cat that looked just like her flew into her. “Ahhh a girl me, she’s so cute.” He said hugging her, “Happy that was rude” Lacy yelled. I was about to help Yuki when someone crashed into me, I broke the counter and hit the floor face first with the guy still on top of me.

“HA HA! HEY GRAY LOOK WHAT I HAVE HERE!” I heard a voice yell from behind me. “Ahhh Alex” Lucy screamed, worry in her voice. The guy got off me and I stood up but all I saw was a guy with pink hair waving around a pair of boxers? And a black haired guy who was naked. “Ahhh my underpants! Huh?” he screamed and then turned to me, “as a fellow man could you lend me your underwear? Thanks” he said starting to undo my belt.

My face flushed red, my body moved on its own and pushed him off. “GRAY, YOU DON’T JUST START STRIPPING PEOPLE AND GET YOUR UNDERWEAR BACK YOUR SELF” Lucy yelled at him. He seemed kind of familiar, where have I seen him before?

“Alex are you ok?” Lucy asked ah I fixed my belt, I nodded and turned to the two boys who started fighting again, the black haired one trying to get his boxers back from the pink haired one who waved them around like an idiot.

I pointed at the two boys and turned to Lucy, “hm oh the one with the pink hair and scarf is Natsu and the naked one with the black hair is gray. She said pointing them out, I nodded and watched the two of them until, “ENOUGH” a voice boomed and a giant figure appeared out of nowhere. “You’re all setting a bad example for the new comer.” The voice wasn’t shouting anymore but it was still stern and strict.

“There’s a newbie?” Natsu said with a questioning look, I bet he’s an idiot. The big looming shadow started to shrink and shrink and shrink until a small old man stood in front of me. “Welcome to fairy tail. What’s your name?” he asked extending his hand. I took his hand and shook it, “that’s Alex and I’m Yuki.” Yuki said flying and landing on top of my head. The next reaction surprised me a little, because almost everyone shouted the same thing at the same time.

“EEEEHHHHH! ANOTHER HAPPY?” “Quiet” master shouted and everyone stopped. “Well Alex, Yuki welcome to fairy tail, you are now part of this guild and this family.” He shouted jumping onto the counter. Everyone started to cheer and crowd around us asking multiple questions that Yuki answered but what got me most was that we were now part of a family.

After things had calmed down I walked to Mira Jane who was holding a stamp, “where do you want your fairy mark?” she asked with the same bright smile, I pointed at the side of my neck. “Ok then hold still.” She said as she placed the stamp on my neck and implied pressure for a few seconds and then took it off. “There we go. Oh your fairy tail symbol is an interesting colour. It’s golden.” She said with a curious expression on her face.

Yuki flew towards us and sat on the counter, “how about you Yuki, where do you want your fairy tail mark?” Yuki looked up and thought for a moment, “Um on my back please” she said turning around. Mira Jane lifted her shirt and placed the stamp on her back and soon she had a pinkish fairy tail mark. “There now you’re both official members of fairy tail. Congratulations” she said holding out her hand and I shook it.

After a while Lucy came over to me and sat down, “so Alex I’ve can’t help but notice you don’t really speak, how come?” I froze and memories of that one mage rushed through my head, I gritted my teeth, I’m gonna find that bastard and take back what he stole from me. My hands clenched into balls of fists, “um Alex? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to” I heard Lucy say but just remembering that bastard just sets me off.

I stood up and left the guild, running.

---Lucy POV---

I saw that Alex was shaking, was he scared or mad? He stood up and ran out the guild. “Wait Alex-” I tried to call for him but was stopped by Yuki, “please don’t, Alex has got a bitter past and doesn’t like to talk about it.” She said looking at the entrance where he disappeared sadly. I wonder what past he had.

“Hey Lucy why’d the new guy run out the guild?” Natsu who came over with Gray asked, “Well I asked him why he didn’t speak and then he ran off” I said telling them what happened. “Lucy you’re so cold hearted” that damn annoying cat said. “SHUT UP HAPPY” i screamed chasing him.

---3rd Person POV---

Lucy chased Happy around the guild and Natsu was laughing his ass off about something, but gray had a serious look on his face. ‘He seems familiar, but from where?’ Gray thought until Natsu through a cup at his head and they started fighting again.

“WE HAVE BAD NEWS” Wakaba yelled bursting through the door. “What’s up?” Gray asked as everyone looked at Wakaba seriously. “ON MY MISSION I FAILED AND NOW A GIANT MONSTER IS COMING TO MONGOLIA” he shouted. “WAIT SERIOUSLY?” Natsu yelled, “AH ALEX IS OUTSIDE” Lucy yelled making everyone turn to her in worry. “GET OUT THERE AND PROTECT THE CITY AND ALEX” Makarov the master of fairy tail yelled.

Everyone immediately ran out the guild but all they heard was silence, “oh are you pulling our legs Wakaba?” Gray said getting slightly annoyed with the smoke mage. “No I’m totally serious” he said looking around for the monster. “Hey what’s that?” happy yelled pointing to a huge moving figure, everyone got ready to fight watching the figure came closer.

“ROAR OF THE FIRE DRAGON” Natsu yelled shooting flames at the shadow but nothing happened. “What’s going on it’s like the monster just took Natsu’s flames like it was no big deal” Lucy yelled astonished. “Wait I don’t think that’s the monster, last I, saw it was taller now it’s like it’s moving on its back.” Wakaba said placing his finger on his chin.

Everyone look at him and them at the shadow. Coming out of the mist cam Alex who was dragging the dinosaur looking monster by the foot towards the guild. When everyone was who it was their mouths dropped, “looks like we were beaten to it huh? He’s so manly” Elf man yelled. “no way how strong is this guy?” Lucy asked in astonishment. “Good job Alex” Makarov said walking towards the said person. “You protected the town, I thank you” Alex bowed and left the walking back into the mist. “You’re welcome, says Alex” Yuki said before flying after her partner.

“Those two are pretty strange huh?” Cana asked folding her arms and looking into the direction the two mages disappeared. “Yeah but that Alex guy is pretty strong kinda like Erza, I wonder what magic he has.” Macao said getting slightly scared.

“I want to fight that guy” Natsu said setting his fist on fire.

“Jeez you’re an idiot, just cool down why don’t ya, flame head.”
 Gray said looking to the side.

“What was that you bastard?” Natsu yelled.

“You heard me you piece of shit” Gray retorted

“Gray you clothes” Mira said pointing out that he was just in his boxers.


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