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The big bad wolf...
Story published April 10, 2012 · updated May 15, 2012 · completed · 54 pages · 8,539 readers · 49,218 reads
chapter 4
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Chapter 4

There was a knock at the door. I quickly shoved the letter back into the envelope and I hid it under the couch cushion.

“Hello Robert. Thank you for coming over in such short notice and so early in the morning.”

“Oh it’s all right. I was meaning to check the woods anyway” Robert said. “There was a report of a dog missing. So I thought the wolf might have eaten it for food or something. I don’t want this wolf to become a major problem. So Amare where is the wolf exactly?”

“I’ll show you.” I got up and walked up the steps and warned him of sparkle and Luna. I opened the door slowly and quietly so I wouldn’t chase away the wolf.

“Why are you moving so slowly, may I ask?”

“I don’t want to spook the wolf away. They have extremely good hearing, so I don’t want him to run away and cause a  bigger problem.”

“I see.”

I walked him to the window and I pointed to the spot of the wolf. It was still there. But this time it was sitting there like it did it every day.

“I don’t see anything Amare, I don’t find this very funny. So you better show me where it was or im going to be very mad.”

“Honey show him the spot where it was. Please.”

“I am! Its sitting right there!”

I was nearly about to scream at them at this point.

“Amare Stella jones you better show me where it was or im going to report you.”

I finally gave up, and told them it ran away.

“You should probably check the area it could still be here…”

“Yes it very well could. Thank you but next time don’t play games with me.” Said a very pissed Robert.

“I wasn’t…”I mumbled under my breath.

“What was that dear?” my mom asked.


We walked outside and I didn’t move from my cherry tree. I stood there staring at the wolf that walked out of Roberts’s way. It then sat within 10ft of me. I kept my mouth shut for two reasons. One, so I wouldn’t scream and two they wouldn’t see him and wouldn’t believe me.  I slowly backed up until my back hit the side of my house. The ridges digged into my shoulder blades. The wolf stood and watched Robert and my mom with such curiosity it’s as if it had never seen people before. I wanted to desperately to scream at them to run to get away from him but I couldn’t. Even if I could I couldn’t find my voice I lost it for what felt like a million years ago. That’s when the wolf started to inch itself closer and closer to me I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran right back into the house and locked my windows shut the curtains and locked my door.

“Please let my mom be safe out there.” I prayed. “She has never done anything bad. She did bad things but everyone has. She's making it up. Please don’t let her get hurt. Please.” Now my back was sliding down the door and my eyes filled with tears. Twig came up and started to lick away my tears that were falling faster than rain in a thunderstorm.

“Thank you baby.”

She sat down at my feet, and laid on my feet. I started to stroke her head and I guess I fell asleep in front of my door because I woke up hugging twig and someone, more like 3 people pounding on my door screaming open up or were going to bust down the door. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and I opened my door to 3 men and my mom standing towards the back. As soon as she saw me she ran to me and tackled me with a death grip hug.

“Hey, mom. Why did you bring 3 guys I have never seen before in my life?”

“They are boys down the street. They go to school with you. Honey why was your door locked! You had me worried sick! I thought you could have killed yourself!”

“Mom im fine. I guess I feel asleep in front of the door. Because the next thing I know people are pounding on my door. And why would you even think I would kill myself-” I was cut off by a boy my age with black hair and blue eyes. He was handsome. I had to admit.

“Sorry but if this is all you wanted us for is it all right to go?”

“Oh yes. Im sorry I burdened you. Thank you Matthew.”

“Yeah no problem Ms. J. see you later…what did you say your name was again?”

“I didn’t. And its Amare to you.”

“Yeah…see you later…Amare.”  

I think he might grow on me. He is ok. What was I saying, he is hot! I really hope me and him meet up again… I hope I didn’t say this out loud…

I check and see the boys leaving. I guess today was weird and scary. I never want to relive this day. Ever!

plz comment!! this is my first story so i want to know if its anygood. thanks!!