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If I'm Louder, Would You See Me? *Niall Horan love story*-ON
Story published April 11, 2012 · updated June 1, 2012 · 16 pages · 27 readers · 55 reads
Leila Hampton
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Leila Hampton

name's Leila(:
I'm just a normal average girl who rots in a hell hole called school. -.-'
I am best friends with Louis William Tomlinson (yes, the Louis front One Direction). He is also my half brother. Step brother if you prefer. We have the same Father. Just different Mums.
I was born and raised in Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK.
I met Louis when I was 6 years old and Louis was 8. We thought we were just best friends. Nothing more. But then; I brought Louis into my house with his mum for dinner. His mum started getting angry and furious. My dad did too. Then Louis and I couldn't talk to each other till our parents calmed down. took about a week or so, then we were back playing with each other again. Except we couldn't meet each others' parents. But they loosened up and we could say hi to them once in a while.

Hobbies: Music, running, football (or soccer), and I enjoy reading.

Age: 18

Brunette, Gray eyes, insecure at times, outgoing, shy at first but once you get to know me I'm really fun, and uhh .. I'm not the brightest in the crayon box(:
well, I hate talking about myself..
so, byee(: