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A Mermaid's Life
Story published April 11, 2012 · updated April 13, 2012 · completed · 14 pages · 204 readers · 1,213 reads
Mom's A Mermaid?!
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Mom's A Mermaid?!

~Glimmer's P.O.V~ 

 Mom is home. Oh boy. 

Mom: Hey Sweetheart! What did you want to show me? 

Glimmer: Come here. 

I already had a bath ready for I knew all I had to do was get in. 

Glimmer: Stay here. Please don't come in until I say so. 

I went in the bathroom and didn't even bother to take my clothes off. I got in.

Glimmer: You can come in now! 

She came in and watched as the blue and white sparkles came up again. I transformed and there it was. My white shiny tail and top. Also my hair was long and white just like before. The thing that's ironic, she wasn't even shocked! She smiled and clapped. 

Glimmer: Did I miss something? 

Mom: I'm so glad to finally see my mermaid daughter! You're beautiful!! 

Glimmer: ...Huh?! Finally??? 

Mom: Honey, you were born a mermaid. You just don't get your tail until you are sixteen. Here let me explain. It all starts way up in our family tree but long story short your grandmother is a mermaid, I'm a mermaid, and you are a mermaid. We get our tails when were sixteen. The reason you were ill today was because of the side affects. Once you are sixteen your will not feel well which will tell you your tail is coming. Not to mention powers. Have you discovered yours yet? 

Glimmer: Yes, I can freeze things! 

Mom: Wonderful, show me! 

She turns on the faucet. I shoot my arms out at it and freeze the water. 

Mom: Amazing! Here let me show you mine. 

She moves her hand in a turning motion with her fingers halfway clentched. Some of the water in my bath comes up in a heart shape. It rises and hits me in the face. 

Glimmer: Hey! Not cool! 

I rub my eyes. I hate it when water gets in my eyes. 

Mom: Don't be such a priss! Come! Dry yourself off, we are going somehwere! 

I get out of the tub and she throws me a towel. 

Glimmer: Where? 

Mom: You'll see! 

She winks and I finish drying myself.

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