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Warmode:Transformers prime love story (girls only)
Story published April 12, 2012 · updated 11 months ago · 217 pages · 2,592 readers · 33,342 reads
chapter 11~disagre
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Chapter 11~disagreement

(1. the pic is by Amy K. Cyrway at! 2. all the "making out" stuff is in blue)

sky's P.O.V
i walked over and sat on my bed waiting for megatron to answer my question. he walked over and kissed me roughly. i kiss back but as i started to, he pulled away.

megatron:do you want to be in trouble? he asked with a smirk. i thought for a minute then i relized what he was talking about. i tryed to get up but he pushed me down. i started kicking as he climbed over me and started kissing my neck and he pinned me down to where i couldn't even move my legs, but i kept trying to get up but i stopped when he found my soft spot...again! i let out a moan then relaxed and after a second of kissing and nipping my neck i went back to kicking and i started wincing...well duh, it hurt when he pushed me back down on the bed and at this point i was getting fed up with it, so i really started fighting back.

megatron:whats gotten into you all of a sudden? he asked as he had to start trying to hold me down.

sky:i don't like being forced to do anything! i replied and he had a shocked look on his face and as he snapped out of it he gave me a gentle (yes i said gentle) kiss then got up and walked out the door.

megatrons P.O.V
i walked out and headed for the dark energon to see how the exparements were going. when i got there i watched as knockout started another test to see how skyshadows body would be able to with stand the power of the dark energon. he place a small amount on a piece of skyshadow's metal skin he was able to tear off with the needles. it absorbed the energon then started cracking until it shattered into thousands of pieces.

megatron:i'd ask how the tests are coming, but from what i just witnessed i'm guessing still no good responce! i asked him and he turned to me.

knockout:even though it's skyshadow, it is artemis' body, meaning it still won't accept the dark energon! he told me and i sighed.

megatron:i don't care what it takes just get skyshadow's body to ajust! i ordered him and he nodded and went back to work. i watched as he took another piece of skyshadow's metal and put dark energon on it. it crumbled into many pieces and i heard a small gasp from behind me. i turned around to find skyshadow starring at me with...scared optics. i walked toward her but everytime i took a step she would back up. she eventually started running away and i looked back at knockout who had a questioning face.

megatron:keep working on it! i ordered and he kept working on the small pieces of metal and dark energon. i walked down the hall to skyshadows room but she wasn't there. strange? she always goes to her room when she's upset? i thought as i walked down to the medic center but when i got there the groundbridge was closing. she wouldn't leave! would she? i asked myself as i walked over to the monitor. the tracker i had knockout implant in skyshadows body wasn't on the nemesis. she must have used the bridge. i thought for a moment of where she would go and i heard the door open and i turned around to find breakdown entering the room.

megatron:breakdown, i have a task for you! i told him and he starred in confussion.

megatron:skyshadows left the ship, i need you to go get her and bring her back! i told him and he started up the bridge on the last set coordinates and he went through.

sky's P.O.V
i was driving away thinking about what i just saw, and done in responce. were they really doing tests on me? was i some kind of metal lab rat? was that the reason megatron kept me around? and is that why he acted like he was in love with me? all these questions kept running through my head as i stopped at the stop sign outide of jasper, old home. after checking for trafic i drove into town, not knowing what i was looking for. after awhile of driving around i noticed jack was in my rear'view mirrors. i drove over into a parking lot and waited for them to get out of sight, but i wasn't planing for what happened next. breakdown came out of nowhere. he drove up and transformed beside me and i transformed so i didn't feel so short. i was hoping maybe jack wouldn't reconize me as he and his friends stopped and watched.

jack's P.O.V
i was talking with miko, and raf when i saw two decepticons transform in the middle of a parking lot acrossed the street. miko apparently saw it too and just had to get a closer vew. me and raf ran after her and we heard the decepticons talking. one of them we knew was breakdown, but the other one looked kinda familiar but i've never seen her before.

breakdown:megatron wants you back at base! the femme con rolled her optics at him and started walking away.

breakdown:skyshadow, i'm your friend and i don't wanna hurt you, but i have orders! he warned her and she stopped and turned around to face him. skyshadow? i thought as miko started taking pictures.

sky:did you know about those exparements? she questioned him with anger. exparements? who is she and what is she talking about? i asked myself.

breakdown:those exparements are gonna help the decepticons in the future...if you'r body wasn't so stubborn and would except the dark energon...! he explained and she didn't seem to pleased with his answer.

sky:help? HELP? those exparements broke those little peices of metal into a thousand pieces! skyshadow snapped and he backed up, and became alittle nervious.

sky:just yesterday i was a quiet, little, human girl crying about her brother hating her and the next thing i know i have relashionship isues and my so called boss is doing exparements on me...and he thinks i want to help him now...after everything he's done to me! she yelled and i was in shock. she was a human? crying over, her brother for hating her? skyla! i thought and noticed that raf, and miko were starring at me.

jack:guys, i'm not quite sure but i think the new decepticon might sister, skyla! i explained and they looked back at the black, and blue femme decepticon.

raf:but how? raf asked me and i shrugged.

jack:my sister thinks i hate her, she did join the decepticons, and she explained that she was a quiet, human girl just the other day! i told them.

miko:why don't you walk up and ask, i mean, if she's as nice as you say than she wouldn't let breakdown crush you! miko replied.

jack:because if i'm wrong and that isn't my sister than she'll squish me in two second flat! i explained and miko had this dumb look on her face.

sky:i'm not going back to megatron, if he wants me back he has to come drag me back himslef! skyshadow exclaimed and raf got out his phone.

raf:either way, if megatron comes than we might need the autobots! he said as he started calling base. i walked forward toward the decepticons hoping my sister was either this skyshadow person,or she was atleast with them. i got about half way when a groundbridge opened up on the other side of them and megatron stepped through and i ran back to raf, and miko.

megatron:breakdown, leave! megatron demanded and breakdown walked away.

sky:i...i can't believe you! first you act like i'm you'r girlfriend then next thing i know your running exparements on me! i'm not going back to the nemesis just so i can be your little lab rat! she snapped. man, she's either really stupid, or really brave for standing up to megatron like that! i thought out loud and miko, and raf nodded their heads in agreement.

megatron:you don't know how dangerous it is for a decepticon to be alone out in the open! he warned her and she started walking away.

sky:i'll manage! she exclaimed and megatron walked after her.

raf:good thing it almost dark! raf exclaimed as a groundbridge opened in the parking lot and bumblebee, arcee, bulkhead, and optimus came through it. we pointed down the street and they chased after the decepticons.

sky's P.O.V
i was walking away from megatron ignoring every word he said until i heard a blast come from behind me. i turned around to find autobots running toward us.

megatron:you can manage, huh? megatron teased as he got out his sword. megatron called for backup...suprizingly...and a handful of decepticons, inculding starscream came through a ground bridge and started fighting the autobots. megatron was fighting the blue, and red autobot while i took on the motorcycle.

sky:your good for a bot! i told her as i dodged her attacks.

bot:and you'r pretty good, for a con! she replied as she dodged my attacks. as i went to attack again i heard a bridge open.

megatron:skyshadow, we're leaving! he called out.

sky:good, less of your begging i have to hear! i snapped and transformed.

sky:you got a tracker on me when you stop those exparements! i spun my wheels and headed out of town and watched the groundbridge close in my rear'vew mirror. after it closed i saw the autobots fallowing me and i stopped, transformed and aimed my gun at the red, and blue bot. they all transformed and looked at me as if i was stupid. if i'm going down, i'm going down fight'n! i thought as the motorcycle came toward me. i re ajusted my feet just incase i needed a quick escape.

blue bot:your out numbered, drop your weapon! the red, and blue bot told me but i transformed and made a quick exit. they tryed fallowing me, but the best thing about sports cars is they're fast! i shifted gears and went faster, losing the bots in my dust. i stopped outside of town and i transformed and fell backwards landing on my back.

sky:man, thats exhausting! i told myself and i crawled over to the side of the road and sat down.

???:is it really you? i turned my hand into a blaster and aimed it up at the red, and blue autobot who was standing over me.

sky:what are you talking about? i asked him as i got up and he walked toward me but i charged my gun alittle and he stepped back.

???:is you'r name artemis prime? he asked and i shook my head.

sky:my name is skyshadow! i snapped at him.

bot:my name is optimus prime, i couldn't help but notice you'r fight with megatron, and...!

???:more like a disagreement! i looked over to find megatron running over and attacking optimus prime. i stepped back out of the way and watched as they fought for awhile. i eventually got bord and sat on the ground, of course watching from a far distance. after awhile the autobot fled and megatron walked over to me.

megatron:you hate me don't you! he complained and i smirked and nodded my head.

megatron:those exparements we're doing are to make sure you aren't harmed by the energon coursing through my veins! he explained and i became confused, but i fallowed along. i was shocked at what i was thinking then megatron smirked at me as if he knew what was in my head and i felt myself blush.

sky:oh-no, not gonna happen, keep dreaming! i spat and he picked me up and through me over his shoulder, carying me back to the nemesis with me kicking and screaming for him to put me down.

(yay, i finished this chapter! anyway's please comment on how i'm doin'! thanks for readin' and i hope you enjoy!) 

I hope you like my story so far! I DO NOT OWN TRANSFORMERS! I do not own Artemis Prime, Amy K. Cyrway has that honor! I don't own any pictures unless I say different. I don't own the Shadowcon. (Though I do own the actual characters.) I own Skyshadow, Constellation, North Star, Skyla, Sparktronians, and Warmodes. please comment on how i'm doing! thanks for reading!