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Sasuke Love Story
Story published April 13, 2012 · updated October 31, 2012 · 14 pages · 4,476 readers · 20,490 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1


Katsumi sat in her seat next to the window and staring off into space. Two Chunins had just entered and had requested Iruka to come with them because Naruto is pulling pranks again. She sighed and looked from one student to another. Ino and Sakura was arguing as usual, Sasuke looks annoyed, Shikamaru is sleeping, Choji is eating chips, Kiba is playing with Akamaru, Hinata is nervous and is playing with her index fingers, Shino… is being Shino.

“I wish that there would be something interesting happening every once in a well.” Katsumi said to no one in particular. “This is so boring!” She sighed. The door then opened and Iruka entered the class with Naruto bounded in ropes. Iruka dropped him onto the floor with a thumb and a lump grew on his head.

“That was sore, dattebayo!” Naruto whined as Iruka glared at him.

“Listen here Naruto, you had taken the ninja graduation test the previous time and the time before that, but had failed both of them miserably. Now, tomorrow is the graduation test again. There is absolutely no time for you to go around pulling pranks, you idiot!” Iruka scolded while glaring at Naruto.


A vein throbbed on Iruka’s head as he turned to face the class with an irritated look. He put one hand on his hip and pointed a finger at the class with his other hand. “We will now have a revising test on Henge no Jutsu! Come and stand in a line now!” The class complained but still stood in a line in front of the teacher. Iruka released Naruto and he made his way into the line behind Katsumi.

Katsumi sighed. “Why can’t you just give us a rest?” She said as she shot Naruto a playful glare. Naruto pouted and she chuckled. “I’m just joking.” She said as she smiled at him. Naruto grinned at her.

“Hey Katsumi-chan?” Naruto whispered.

“Yes?” She answered. The blonde grinned evilly.

“I’m going to play a prank on Iruka-sensei, want to join?” Naruto asked the black haired girl. She sighed.

“Sorry, not this time, next time maybe.” She said as she smirked at him.

“Aww, but you always say that!” Naruto whined childishly. She laughed quietly.

“First, Haruno Sakura.” Iruka called as she stepped forward.

“Haruno Sakura, here I go! Henge!” She said as she transformed into Iruka in a puff of smoke.

“Good.” Iruka praised as he wrote down her results on a piece of paper. Although Sakura’s transformation was well done it still had some flaws. Sakura transformed back into herself in a puff of smoke. She squealed in delight and jumped up and down.

“Yay, I did it!” She shouted.

“Shanaroo!” Screamed inner Sakura with a fist pump. Sakura turned around and looked at Sasuke.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun. Did you see that?” She asked with a small blush on her cheeks.

“Hn.” Replied Sasuke. Sakura sulked then walked away.

“Next, Uchiha Sasuke.”

“Hai.” Sasuke stepped forward and transformed into Iruka in a puff of smoke.

“Perfect.” Iruka commented as he wrote down Sasuke’s results. The boy then transformed back into himself, his hands in his pockets and a smirk on his face.


Katsumi frowned as she stared at Sasuke through narrowed eyes. She had always wondered why Sasuke always responded to someone with an ‘Hn’. But then again, she had also always wondered why the back of Sasuke’s head was shaped like a duck’s butt.

Sasuke went back to his seat, sat down and stared at the female Uchiha with curious eyes. Katsumi and Sasuke weren’t friends by you could call them acquaintances… I guess.

There was just something about Katsumi that interested Sasuke. He doesn’t know what, but he’s determined to find out. Katsumi… well, she was interested in Sasuke too. His dark personality maybe? She wasn’t a fan girl but she had to admit that he was a very attractive guy.

But she was also interested in other guys as well, such as Naruto. She had always wondered why he had so much chakra inside him… and why did he have whisker-like marks on his cheeks. And then there was Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Shino and a bunch of others as well. And then there is the fact that they are all so cute and adorable… one of the main reasons as to why she would be interested in them.

It’s a good thing that she can keep all of her emotions under control and people can’t read her that easily, because if she can’t… then she would’ve ended up like Sakura and Ino… screaming her head off about how cute the boys looked.

“Next, Uchiha Katsumi.” Iruka called as the girl looked at him.

“Hai.” She said as she stepped forward. She then transformed into Iruka in a puff of smoke. The transformation was perfect.

“Excellent!” Iruka said with a smile as he wrote down her results. Katsumi transformed back into herself and smiled at Iruka. She went back to her seat and sat down but not before giving Naruto a good luck and a smirk.

Sasuke glared at Naruto and Katsumi. He always felt angry at them when they acted so close. Was he jealous? Oh, he doesn’t know. He would have to find that out.

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