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Story published April 14, 2012 · updated August 23, 2013 · 20 pages · 1,336 readers · 15,195 reads
Onii-Chan Can Be J
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Onii-Chan Can Be Jealous Sometimes

*All this is in Gary's POV!*



Just. Who. The. Hell. Is. That.

I glared at the boy, who was painfully flirting with [Name]. I growled when the guy gave [Name] a rose. It made me sick as a rosy red coloring appeared on her cheeks. The way her eyes brighten and sparkled when she saw the crimson flower. The way she gasped softly and then showed a sweet smile. The way she then delicately held the flower, as if it was going to crumble with a slight bump.

The guy smirked slightly when he saw [Name] smile. He grasped [Name]’s hand and brought it up to his lips. I clenched my fists as I saw [Name] blush harder, making her face look just like the rose that creep gave her. I saw him lean up to her ear and whispered something. [Name] blushed harder, if that was possible.

“That bastard,” I muttered, clenching my fists tighter. A burning sensation bubbled within my stomach as I watched the two interact with each other. The feeling boiled and I felt as if I were to throw up at any given moment. I don’t even know Flower Boy’s name, and yet I want to punch him. This is how an older brother is supposed to act, right?

I quickly snapped me out of my thoughts I jogged over to where they were standing in the Pokémon Center. As I neared them I heard Flower Boy say, with a smirk plastered on his face:

“My name’s Drew. Nice to meet you, [Name],”

Can Be Jealous Sometimes.