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Hetalia Baby Daddies/One shots *Closed*
Story published April 17, 2012 · updated July 5, 2012 · 100 pages · 17,241 readers · 97,574 reads
Lithuania baby dad
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Lithuania baby daddy for Sky the Otaku

 How it happened

                Sky was sitting on the couch watching her brother Poland model outfits for her. Currently he was wearing a blue skirt with black leggings and a purple v neck shirt along with short black boots. “Like this is a totally perfect outfit for you Sky!” Poland said. Sky nodded “Yes, I do like the shirt and skirt and boots are adorable!” she replied with a smile. Poland nodded and went into the bathroom to change into a new outfit. Sky lied down on the couch and wondered to herself. ‘Why is he trying on all these outfits for me?’ she asked.

A moment later Poland came back out wearing a pink collared shirt along with dress pants. He was also wearing the previous outfit. Sky sat up and looked at him stunned. “This outfit is not for you, it’s for me. And I want you to put on the last outfit and make yourself pretty. We’re going out for dinner” Poland replied. Sky nodded happily and took the outfit. She went into the bathroom Poland was just in and changed. As she changed she was thinking about her crush, Lithuania. She was hoping that they would be going out for dinner to his house. They went out to Lithuania’s house a lot and the thing is, Sky had a crush on him.

Once Sky was finished changing she put on some make up and she brushed her short brown hair. Sky walked out in her outfit her brother picked to see him with the keys in his hand waiting near the door. Once he saw her come out he looked at her and smiled. He was happy with the pick and it showed off her cartilage a little along with her curves. Poland deliberately picked out the outfit to get Lithuania to look at her more. He knew about his sister’s crush on his friend and he thought it was cute. So he decided to help out his sister and get Lithuania to like her.


*Time Skip*

                Sky and Poland walked up to Lithuania’s door. Poland knocked and a moment later Lithuania opened the door and smiled. “Ah, Poland, Sky, it’s nice to see you” he said with a smile. Sky blushed a little bit and smiled. “Hello Lithuania” she replied as Poland smiled. Lithuania led them to the dining room where dinner was already set up. Sky went to a seat and Lithuania followed. Sky sat down in her chair and before she could push herself in Lithuania did it for her. Sky’s eyes grew round from the sudden gentlemen stature. Her cheeks turned red from a blush. She looked at her plate to see pure Lithuanian cuisine. Poland sat down next to Sky and Lithuania sat across from her.

                As they ate they made small talk and Lithuania couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sky. She looks so beautiful he thought and whenever she went to look at him he would look at her for a moment then quickly turn to Poland. Poland noticed the connection between them and smirked. Suddenly Poland’s phone went off and he took it out to see it’s a call from his boss. He looked up at Lithuania and Sky and got up. “Sorry, I have to take this” he replied before walking out of the room. Lithuania and Sky turned to each other and slightly blushed realizing they were in the room alone. Lithuania turned so Sky wouldn’t see him blush and Sky did the same.

                Poland walked in a moment later and saw both of them blushing. He smirked and said “I’m like totally sorry but that was the boss and I’m needed. Lithuania is it okay if Sky spends the night?” he asked. “Of course” Lithuania replied nodding. Both Lithuania and Sky’s blushes got darker. “Great thanks well I gatta go. Play nice now you two~” Poland said before walking out.

                Everything grew quiet and Lithuania coughed a little. Sky looked up to see him blushing as well. Lithuania looked up and said “S-Sky… I want to tell you something” “O-Okay, go ahead” Sky said nodding putting on a sweet smile. Lithuania looked at the floor getting cold feet then he nodded to himself gaining confidence. “I like you… a lot. I always have and I just wanted to say that” Sky looked at him in shock. She remained quiet and Lithuania sat there silent and looked down at the ground taking it as a rejection. “I guess if you don’t feel the same I’ll just go to my room” Lithuania said standing up. He started to walk out but Sky snapped out of shock and ran up to him. She grabbed his wrist and pulled him to her and quickly pressed her lips to his in a kiss.

                Lithuania stood there in shock but then melted into the kiss. He began to kiss back and he wrapped his arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck in response both of them smiling in the kiss. When air became a must they pulled apart and smiled to each other. Lithuania put his forehead against Sky’s and smirked. “I guess you like me too” Lithuania said. “Of course” Sky said and Lithuania pressed his lips against Sky’s for another kiss. In a mated of moments the two were in Lithuania’s bedroom having some more fun. (wink wink)


How they found out

                Sky and Lithuania have been dating for about a month now and Poland was really happy for them. Sky was walking through town with Lithuania when suddenly she felt sick. She ran to the nearest trash can and threw up. Lithuania kept her bangs out of her face and once she was finished she wiped her mouth with her sleeve. Lithuania looked at her worried and said “Let’s get you home.” Sky nodded and they walked back to Poland’s house where he was inside walking around in a skirt and spaghetti strap tank top. Sky sighed and walked up to him. Then she noticed he was wearing her cloths. “Stop wearing my clothes and wear your own guy cloths!!! Stop cross-dressing damnit!!”  Sky then stormed into her room leaving both Poland and Lithuania in shock.

                Poland turned to Lithuania eyes wide. “What’s with her?” Poland asked. Lithuania shrugged “I don’t know, but has she been acting like this lately?” he asked. Poland thought for a moment then nodded “Now that I think about it, yeah, she has. She’s been quite moody and I think she’s had a bigger appetite than usual.” Lithuania nodded then thought for a moment. “Well she just recently threw up…. Where have I heard these symptoms before?” Lithuania asked for a moment. Poland then stared at Lithuania through narrowed eyes. “Did you knock up my sister?” he asked suspiciously. “Yeah wh-” Lithuania started but then realized what he was getting on to.

                Lithuania’s eyes widened and he ran upstairs to Sky’s room. Lithuania burst through the door to see it empty. Lithuania stopped dead then turned to Poland who was looking in. They turned around and walked into the hallway to see Sky walk out of the bathroom. She was holding something in her hand and she was smiling. She saw them and she walked up to them putting the thing in her pocket. “I need to tell you guys something” Sky said quietly. “You’re pregnant?” Lithuania asked. “I’m pregnant… wait did you just say that?” Sky asked shocked. Lithuania nodded “Yeah, Poland and I went through your symptoms and figured it out. Was that a pregnancy test?” Lithuania asked. Sky nodded then looked at the ground. She was suddenly wrapped in a warm embrace by Lithuania.  Sky hugged him back and smiled. “This is great news” Lithuania said as Poland joined in on the hug.


The birth

                Sky was nine months pregnant and she was a day past her expecting date. She made sure she didn’t get stressed so she just sat and watched TV with Lithuania. She sat there peacefully as she watched. She started to drift off to sleep but just as she was about to she felt a kick followed by the feeling of being wet. Sky’s eyes shot open and she sat up and looked down at the couch. The cushion she was just sitting on was wet and Lithuania stared at the wet cushion then at Sky his eyes wide. She nodded to him and he got up and called to Poland. Poland came down with a back pack on his back with a few things for Sky. Lithuania picked up Sky and carried her to the car.

                Once at the hospital Sky was carried into the emergency room by Lithuania who was followed by Poland. The nurses took Sky and Lithuania to a birthing room and she was in pain. Sky held Lithuania’s hand as the contractions came.

                After 6 and a half hours Lithuania and Sky had a baby girl. Her name is Mari and she looked like Lithuania. She had light brown hair with dazzling green eyes. Sky was holding their daughter as Poland walked in with a smile. “Mari, would you like to meet your uncle Poland now?” Sky asked, Mari gave a slight giggle and Poland walked over to them. Poland looked down at her and smiled. “She is like totally cute” Poland replied making Sky giggle. Sky looked down at her smiling daughter and kissed her forehead and said “Welcome to the world Mari Lorinatits.” 


6 years later

It’s Sky’s birthday and she wakes up and Lithuania’s not in the bed with her. She puts on a light robe and walks downstairs. Once she’s there she sees movement in the kitchen followed by whispering.  Sky walked into the kitchen followed by a loud “Surprise!!!” Sky’s eyes widened as she saw Lithuania and Poland standing behind the table. The table was littered with different platters with food. Suddenly Sky felt something wrap around her leg. She looked down and smiled seeing that it was Mari hugging her leg. Sky bent down and picked up Mari and hugged her. “Happy birthday mommy” Mari said happily as Lithuania and Poland walked over to her as well. “Happy birthday!!!” Poland and Lithuania said happily wrapping their arms around Sky bringing her into a warm embrace.

“Awww thanks guys!!” Sky said happily. They broke apart and walked to the table. Sky put Mari down on a chair and Lithuania took Sky back into an embrace and gave her a kiss. “I love you” he said happily. Sky smiled and said “I love you two” Lithuania smiled and they all sat down to breakfast. After breakfast some more of Sky’s friends came over and they all had a wonderful. Lithuania and Sky had a wonderful day filled with love and happiness. Lithuania and Sky couldn’t ask for a better life.

Thanks for reading hope you liked it ve~ 
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