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He's My Brother? (Niall Horan Love Story)
Story published April 19, 2012 · updated August 27, 2012 · completed · 74 pages · 10,343 readers · 180,630 reads
Chapter 24
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Chapter 24

I slowly made my way to my room, silent tears streaming down my face. I opened the door and flug myself onto one of the beds. I laid there, just thinking for a few minutes before the door opened and Sam walked in.


She said simlpy, walking over and sitting next to me. I held back a sob, but failed misribily and ended up sounding like a dieing frog. Sam instintly wrapped her arms around me, letting me cry on her shoulder. This is what I loved about her. She never asked questions on said stupid things like 'everything's going to be okay', when we all know it's not. She was always here, ready to confort anyone and everyone. She listens to your problems and doesn't say a single word until you are finished. And when she does speak up, she's the most honest person and gives insainly good advise.

"I missed you."

I said between sobs.

"I missed you too. But I'm here now. And you have Harry to thank for that. He really did try to make this day perfect, you know."

"It was perfect. And still is. He did everything he could have and I loved it."

Sam chuckled.

"Why are you crying than?"

I made a noise that was a mix between a chuckle and a sob as I lifted my head from her shoulder.

"I don't know."

I smiled, causing us both to laugh.

"How bout we end this perfect night with some ice cream with the boys?"

I smirked.

"That sounds utterly amazing."


We finally managed to round up all the boys and drag them to the ice cream shop that was around the corner. We all order and sat down at a circular table.

"Thankyou for everthing you guys did today. Espacilly Harry. It was perfect. Really."

I looked around at each and everyone of their smiling faces.

"Aww, we love you too!"

Louis said, the rest of us laughing and nodding our heads in agreement.

This truely was the perfect birthday.

A/n: Yeah, I know. It's terrible and short. Sorry....