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Leland Chapman Love Story
Story published April 19, 2012 · updated April 22, 2012 · 6 pages · 1,046 readers · 5,725 reads
Meeting The Chapma
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Meeting The Chapman's

*My P.O.V*
I was on my way to Colorado to live with The Chapman Family.
*Skipping the rest of the plane ride
I got off the plane and started looking for The Chapman's *Mommy gave me a picture on them so I know who I'm looking for.*
I see one of them his name's Duane "Dog".
I go over and tug on his pant leg.
* End of P.O.V*
Britannic: Hwello
Dog: Hi Sweetie is your name Britannic?
Britannic: Wes it is.
??: Britannic you're here! *Takes her from Dog*
Britannic: Beff! Yay! Me wike you!
Beth: Aw thank you sweetie.
Britannic: You welcome me go to Wewand *Looks around for him*
Beth: He's not here he stayed home.
Britannic: Oh *Looks sad* Is Baby Wyssa here?
Lyssa: I'm right here *Takes Britannic*
Britannic: Wets go home to see Wewand! Me sit on Wyssa's wap.
Dog: Tim, Beth, Duane Lee, Lyssa lets go home!
All: Okay
*Skipping the ride home*
Lyssa: We're here!
Britannic: Me see Wewand now! Tome on Wyssa! Take me to see Wewand pwease Wyssa.
Lyssa: Okay come on. Leland we're home and we've got Britannic.
Leland: In the living room Lyssa!
Lyssa: Okay! *Put Britannic down*
Britannic: *Runs to Leland* Wewand! *Jumps on his lap*
Leland: Hi!
Britannic: Hewwo Wewand!
Leland: How old are you baby?
Britannic: I four and me tan count to twen. Wanna see?
Leland: Sure baby.

Britannic: Otay One Two Free Four Five Tix Teven Eight Nine Twen.
Leland: Good job baby you did it!
Britannic: *Yawns* Wewand me tired me go to seep on you. *Lays her head on his shoulder*
Leland: Go to sleep baby.
Britannic: *Snores lightly*