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The mermaid (Kisame Love)
Story published April 20, 2012 · 1 page · 214 readers · 284 reads
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Betta in mermaid form. Human form.

Name: Betta Green Sea
Age: 23


I was relaxing in my cave since I just did a long job. I've been visited by my mother who has been asking if I had a boyfriend of any nature. *sigh*
I hear something moving above the cave. "ITACHI, WHERE IS THIS DAMN CAVE OF THIS CHICK!" I hear a strong, sexy voice yell.'guests, hmm' i thought. "Kisame we are above it so I sugest that you be silent," said a cold distant quiet voice muttered. 'Time to lure in my prey to find out what they want.'

I swim out to the enrance of the cave. I see two men walking foward, looking for the sorce of my song. I jump onto a rock poking the waters surface. I had a light wrap on around my chest. "What is it you disire?" I ask. One man that the cold voice must've belonged to had black hair, and sharigan eyes. 'Uchiha' I looked to the other that must've been Kisame. He looked like a human shark hybrid. 'Cute!' "Are you Betta Green Sea?" asked the Uchiha, that was shorter than I would've imagined. "The human or the one of my kind?" I asked, I was Betta Green Sea, a 'princess' of the sea. Also, I could morph into human form, but I still had Light blue skin and green hair, and fingernails that look like scales. Kisame said, "They're one person, and I assuming your she." I sigh, this man knows his mermaids I simply nod."Isn't Betta a fish?(story pic.)" "Why yes." I tell him, amused from his knowlege of fish, 'well he is basicly a shark' I turned into human form my wrap changed into this the hat. "You want me to join the Akatsuki" I say, "yep" says Kisame, "what benifits do I get?" I asked. "Your own room ajoining your partners, that also ajoins a pool." Said Kisame. "Well, that sounds awesome, and it will get me out of the constant visits that my mother does, so sure." I reply. Then I continue my insane walk as we head to their head quarters.

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