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I love you *jacob latimore love story*
Story published April 22, 2012 · updated July 6, 2012 · 4 pages · 824 readers · 3,142 reads
love jones
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Love jones

you see that bad one up there yeah thats me.The name is Love faith jones, my birthday is june 20,1996 
my favorite color is blue my bestfriend is jacob latimore yes THE JACOB LATIMORE who sings i like em all
 if you don't know how im talking about then look my boo up 

 crush:jacob latimore 

  dislikes:fake people,mean people,haters,players

  bestfriends:jacob latimore,ranaisha graham,jawan harris,shameik moore,trevante(i dont know his last name),issa,omg girlz