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Lion King: Simbas Betrothment
Story published April 23, 2012 · updated September 8, 2012 · 17 pages · 1,407 readers · 19,357 reads
Nalas Plan
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Nalas Plan

-Nalas POV-
I saw scar get killed. Rain poured from the sky drenching the fire. Simba climbed pride rock. Lightning flashed and he roared. We all roared along side of him.

-5 days later-

I heard the whispers of the lionesses beside me. They gave me a few glances then went back to talking. "Hello Nala." I saw Sarabi come up to me smiling. "Hello Sarabi." I dipped my head. "Did you hear the news." She asked. "What news?" . "Lunas expecting simbas cub!" She exclaimed practically jumping out of her fur.

My heart fell when I heard that. I have to do something about her. I thought to myself then looked back at Sarabi. "How far along is she?" ." Not much longer. about a month maybe." I'll wait to see about that.

The cub must die. No acceptions. I hope you forgive me Simba.

-a month later-
-Simbas POV-

MY cub was being born inside while I pace outside "Rrrr! What's taking so long." Zazu looked at me. "She needs time sire." I sighed "I guess your right." At that moment Sarabi came out "You may see your son now." I padded inside to see everyone crowding around luna.

I walked up to her and saw a golden milky colored cub. "What about a name?" She asked keeping het eyes on the cub. "How about Duma." I said. Luna smiled.