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Baby Larry Stylinson. *FINISHED*
Story published April 24, 2012 · updated May 22, 2012 · completed · 60 pages · 5,344 readers · 33,815 reads
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| Baby Dylan Tomlinson-Styles. | 

Harry was biting his nails right down to his bony fingers. "Calm down, Boo" I smiled and patted his shoulder. 
Someone had to be the strong one- even though I wanted to run out of that room and throw up. 
Our baby was being delivered far down the hallway and all we could do was simply wait. 
"I wonder what he'll look like?" Harry asked moving on to his bottom lip to bite. 
"I am praying that he'll have your curls" I said holding up my two hands pretending to pray and looking at the ceiling. 
"Actually, I hope he had your everything" I smiled at Harry who blushed slightly and stopped chewing on himself. 
"He'll have your sense of style, for sure. Oh! and your cute shortness!" Harry yelled getting lost in thoughts. 
"He'll have your beautiful voice" I said and and patted his leg. 
"Or yours- either way is fine" Harry said and smirked, then back to biting his puffy bottom lip. 
"Harry, stop that! You're making your lip bleed" I said grabbing a napkin from the table beside us and wiped the blood off. 
"Sorry, Lou. I'm just so nervous!" Harry shouted the same time the other 3 boys of the old band "One Direction" Came around the hospital corner. "Are we to late?" Liam asked who had an arm snaked around Niall and a toddler in the other.  
They were also a gay couple- who adopted a baby girl with bright blue eyes and bouncy blonde hair- she was very cute. 
"No, We're still waiting for him to arrive" Harry said taking Sienna into his arms and kissing her cheek. 
"Hey, Princess Sienna!" He said and nuzzled his nose with her cute little button nose. 
"Uncle Harry! I missed your curly hair!" She shouted and took a handful of it and squished it playfully. 
"And I missed your little smile" Harry squealed and gently pinched Sienna's cheeks. 
Zayn hadn't found the right one yet- so we don't rush him into anything. 
Even though One Direction was over- we all stayed really close. We all lived in the same neighbor hood also. 
A doctor wearing a mask over his face and a green outfit came out and smiled at all of us. 
"You can come see him now" He said and Harry got up, placing Sienna in Niall's arms and shakily walked around to the room. 
Everyone heard a small whimper coming from a baby- but he did not cry like most babies. He was fine. 
My eyes teared as I saw a small baby boy- His eyes did not open yet, But he had a full head of hair. 
It was lush, bouncy and curly. The curls a soft balance of gold and brown and they stuck out from his blue tuke. 
"L-Lou he's beautiful" Harry said through sobs and hugged me- getting my shirt all wet. 
My own tears poured down my face and I glanced at the other boys who were smiling very widely. 
Niall had soft tears gently gliding down his pale face while Liam had him under his arm. 
Zayn smiled at the miracle of a little boy and looked at me back. 
The nurse gently picked up the small fragile baby boy and handed him to Harry- who calmed down enough to take him. 
He walked around the room bouncing him gently while smiling and rocking him up and down.
He murmured little things to this little boy that was only for him to hear. 
Harry did this for awhile until he let out a small gasp followed by a huge smile and more happy tears. 
I rushed by his side and looked at the baby boy who had a small smile on his face that revealed Harry's dimples. 
The little boy had yet to surprise us by opening his eyes- Under his very long eye lashes he inherited from my mum- 
He had piercing blue eyes- exactly similar to mine as he looked up at us. 
The other boys came over and gasped- "He's gorgeous, Guys" Whispered Liam and he gently brushed his cheek. 
"What's his name?" Niall asked holding Sienna up enough for her to see him. 
I looked at Harry and nodded signalling that he could name our first born son. 
"Dylan William Tomlinson-Styles" He smiled down at the little boy who looked widely at the little girl who smiled back at him. 
"That's a brilliant name, Love" I whispered and kissed his cheek gently.
"I knew you'd like it" He said and went back to admiring Dylan- Our little Larry Stylinson Baby. 
Soon, after my turn was done with the little miracle as I liked to call him, he was passed on to Zayn who took adoration to him immediately, Harry and I discussed something and looked at the boys. 
"Niall, Zayn, Liam.. Would you like to be the godfathers of Dylan?" Smiled Harry and they all nodded eagerly. 
They all adored the Son of Harry and I- I had to admit. He defiantly did have Harry's charming ways. 
"Mr. Tomlinson? A moment please?" The doctor asked and I nodded and headed over to him and he smiled. 
"That's quite and angel you've got there. Anyways, Dylan will be released today- Anytime you want" He said and patted me on the back and I retreated to the boys and told them the good news. 
"Great- let's get him backed and ready to leave" Said Harry- he placed him in a car seat with carrots on it (I couldn't resist). 
Well I got his things packed and ready- like diapers, milk, some clothes and the gifts the hospital gave us. 
"Thank you, so much!" I called as we left the front doors and headed for Zayn's car while Niall, Liam and Sienna went for there small blue car. Zayn's style has not changed one bit- he owned a giant black ford and we piled in. 
Harry secured Dylan in the back seat next to me while he sat in the front with Zayn. 
Dylan had a green pacifier in his mouth and he was dozing off into a comfy sleep, then we arrived at home. 
All of the boys came into the house while I carried Dylan to a nice orange room that Harry and I readied for him. 
The bassinet was a soft cream color with cozy brown blankets inside of it. I placed Dylan down in the bassinet and he fell asleep. We all walked out of the room quietly and sat down in the living room with some tea. 
I logged onto my Twitter account and posted a new update- one everyone could not wait to hear.
'Baby Dylan William Tomlinson-Styles was born this beautiful sunny day at 4:23pm- September 27th, 2016, He weighed 6 pounds and 6 oz and was 19 inches long. Welcome to the world, My little miracle' and I sent it.
Almost suddenly the new trend was "Baby Larry Stylinson". I smiled to myself and watched the movie Harry put on.
"We better get Sienna home now" Niall smiled down at the little girl dozing off into his lap, "See ya guys" He said and before Li shut the door he said "Be back in the morning for tea!" And they walked across the road.
"I better be getting back to" Zayn said and walked out the door, stating he'll be back for tea also.
His truck roared to life and he drove 4 houses away from us.
Harry smiled so widely and so did I- we walked over to each other and hugged- which felt like forever.
It was around 8:11 pm and the baby started making noises- Harry warmed up a bottle for him.
I brought him out and aloud Harry to feed the precious baby boy for the first time.
He did an excellent job with the burping and the feeding- and soon Dylan was off in sleep again.
"I wouldn't mind if he woke tons of times- I absolutely cant get enough of the little boy" Harry said and smiled.
My lips curled up into a small smile and I headed over to the couch he was on and we cuddled watching "Dirty Dancing".
One of my favorite movies- we drifted off into sleep and at about 12:27 am Dylan woke up.
"I've got it" I smiled at Harry and fed and burped and changed the little boy who decided to stay up till 1 o clock.
As I put him down he flashed Harry's familiar dimple and went into a light sleep.
Harry was curled up on the couch- I smiled at him and gently lifted him and placed him on our bed,
Whispered "Night Haz" and Kissed his head and I drifted into sleep.
Smiling like the first time Harry asked me to be his- the fluttery feeling came back.
Dylan William Tomlinson-Styles was the whole reason for that.  

A little half of Tommo,
and a small half a hazza = 
One Brilliant Curly Haired Blue Eyed Dylan. 

Here We Go Again.