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Powerpunk Girls (Jeff Hardy, John Cena, & Triple H love
Story published April 25, 2012 · updated April 25, 2012 · 3 pages · 423 readers · 692 reads
Character Info
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Character Info

Name: Malaya Jackson Ring name: Malaya Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Signature Moves: Laya-rama (she jumps off all four turnbuckles if her oppnent is unconsious), Brooklyn Backhand
Finisher: 360 Knee-Drop

Theme Song:

Name: Sara Ivanov
Ring name: Sara Blaze
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Signature Moves: Flipped Leg-drop, Handstanding Ovation( she walks on her hands to her downed opponent and drops her body on them.)
Finisher: Anaconda Choke


Theme Song:

Name: Catalina Roux
Ring Name: Kitty Cruz
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Signature Move: Latina DDT (Similar to Mickie James but she crosses her legs after wards.)

Team Name: PowerPunk Girls
Members: Sara,Malaya & Kitty
Theme Song:

Some matches might not be accurate. Some dates might right. I DO NOT OWN ANYBODY OR ANYTHING. I ONLY OWN SARA, MALAYA, & KITTY.