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Nothing Ever Lasts. -Done-
Story published April 26, 2012 · updated June 30, 2012 · completed · 31 pages · 3,055 readers · 31,561 reads
Chelsea Marie Haye
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Chelsea Marie Hayes . ♥


Ello , the name is Chelsea Marie Hayes.

Aren't I gorgeous?
Every guys dream to be with, but every girls worst nightmare.

I'm 24 years young.
Still young & sexy. ; )

Wanna know what I do for a living?
Well I'm a professional wrestler.
I'm a WWE Diva.

Don't be fooled by my looks.
Cause I'll prove you wrong.

I have tons of friends who love me for me.
Unlike some people.

-Cough- Daniel Bryan, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, and Kane. -Cough-

Outside of the ring, I'm a total different person.
Horse back riding, swimming, and kick boxing is what I love to do other than wrestling.

I absolutely hate liars, backstabbers, and stubborn people.

Your probably wondering if I have that special someone.
To tell you the truth, I don't know anymore.

My boyfriend is John Felix Anthony Cena.
Also known as John Cena.

We met back in high school.

High School sweethearts. 

But now since we're all grown up, and we're both in the WWE together.
I have to admit it things have change between us.

John takes things serious all the time, and I hate it.
He never wants to kiss, hug, nor hold hands in public places.

Once I tried kissing him after his match since he won.
But he pushed me away.

He also says he's not ready to settle down and get married.
We've talked about getting married and having kids.
But he says maybe in a couple years.

Whenever he says that, I know what he's actually saying.

"Never in a million years."

I'm starting to not love him anymore.
When we kiss, I don't feel those fireworks nor sparks anymore.

I don't know what it is anymore.
Maybe we're not meant to be together.

We're growing apart from each other.

I guess nothing ever lasts.

Please don't steal nor make any inspired stories.

Dedicated ;  
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