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The real story about grudge and more...
Story published April 27, 2012 · updated June 16, 2012 · 18 pages · 8,872 readers · 14,948 reads
25.Two-headed shar
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25.Two-headed shark attack,sam Garcieta

Oi,Remember my "Big Escape?" Ha,I was scared,but i made it!Haha,Well,I got another scary Story For ya.Did u know that The Two-Headed shark is real?READ MORE TO SEE MY FRIENDS POINT OF VIEW!
                                                 Sam's point of View of the two headed shark:(My friend):

So,I was at the beach swiming in Indiana.Yes,Indiana.Got a Problem?Well,I noticed a Shark with two heads leap outta water and eat a person.I was near that person.I swam and swam.i was far from land and i heeard pople shouteding "hurry up!"I made it!This is a life time thing i would nebver forget.