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Story published April 28, 2012 · updated July 10, 2012 · completed · 36 pages · 8,998 readers · 102,056 reads
Ashton Constancio
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Ashton Constancio

Hi! My name's Ashton Constancio. I was adopted by the Constancio's when I was only 6 months old. I'm 14 years old. Alex is my best friend and older brother, and has been there for everything. First heart break, me going to my first guitar lesson, vocal lesson, first performance. I'm in love with his best friend Austin Mahone, and he's one of my best friends too. I'll never get the guts to tell him though. I help Austin edit some of his videos. It's hard to believe that he doesn't have a girl friend. I'm glad he doesn't though. Alex gets me through being bullied. I don't let him see that I cut myself though. I always put concealer over the scars, and make sure I wear bracelets. He sees me get hurt in school, and tell the people to back off, but it doesn't stop...