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Publicity. - A Justin Bieber Love Story
Story published April 29, 2012 · updated May 25, 2013 · completed · 162 pages · 71,773 readers · 745,121 reads
Chapter 11: Tickle
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Chapter 11: Tickle Tickle.

Starting today, I had absolutely no free time. My schedule was packed. I'm surprised I even had time to eat........ sleep......... breathe. Okay, so I'm being a little over dramatic. Sure, they're taking away any second I could possibly have to myself but it'll all be worth it. When I'm traveling the world touring for my fans, it'll most definitely be worth it.

I scrolled down my twitter timeline on my iPhone, grinning like an idiot at all the things my fans were saying.
"Kelsey, put your phone away!" Beth scolded me. "We have work to do. Stop texting your boyfriend!"
"Relax Beth." I rolled my eyes and waved my hand dismissively. "We deserve at least a 5 minute break."
I gestured to my dancers, who all looked exhausted. We've been rehearsing since 8 am this morning and it's already 4:30 pm. The only break we had received was our lunch and it was less than an hour long. It was safe to say, we were all very tired.
Beth simply glared at me until her phone started ringing loudly causing her to have to step outside to answer it, and also giving us a little break. 

KelseyLevine: At dance rehearsals for the tour! :)

KelseyLevine: Got yelled at because they thought I was texting @justinbieber when in reality I was just creeping on my fans. lol

I looked through my replies and giggled. Our fan bases were really eating this up and they went extra crazy as soon as Justin replied. 

JustinBieber: @KelseyLevine you love them more than you love me :(

I rolled my eyes while smiling. He always insisted on being overly flirty. Then again, I think it just comes naturally. Justin Bieber was born a flirt.

KelseyLevine: @justinbieber got that right baby ;)

I laughed and finally stuffed my phone back into my bag. I needed to focus again. Beth came back in the dance room and instructed my choreographer to make us get back down to business. Boy was I gonna be dead by the time I got home.
I pulled up in my driveway, feeling the urgent need to collapse on my bed and sleep until December. Is this how I'm gonna feel for the next 3 weeks... Oh gosh.
I lazily slipped my key in and unlocked the door. I walked in and found a note on the kitchen counter.
Went out to dinner with Pattie and some of the girls.
Love, Mom.
I sighed. Guess I have to make my own dinner tonight. I stared at the fridge from across the kitchen. It was taunting me. I turned on my heel and walked away, dragging myself up the stairs at to my room. I was more sleepy than hungry anyways.
It was barely 7 pm but I didn't care... My body was begging for rest. I collapsed on my bed and closed my eyes. Just as I was about to give in to temptation, my phone buzzed.
From: My Sexy Man♥
What are you doing?
I groaned and debated if I should text back or not... I'm just so sleepy... I finally decided on texting back.
From: Me
I cuddled deeper into my blankets and let my drowsiness take over my whole body. Soon enough, I was fast asleep. 
~Justin's POV~
I chuckled as I read Kelsey's response. She's probably beyond exhausted from her first dance rehearsal.
"Justin, we're done for the day." Scooter informed me.
I nodded and stood up, grabbing my jacket.
Today was a pretty good day. It was pretty relaxing and I spent most of my time in the studio. 
"Wanna come over for dinner?" Scooter asked. "I'm pretty sure Carin is making your favorite pasta."
I grinned but decided to turn it down. "Sorry man. I was thinking about having dinner with Kelsey."
Scooter raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?"
"Yeah." I replied, trying to sound nonchalant. The last thing I needed was for him to tease me about a crush that didn't even exist. I like Kelsey's company. She's my friend. "I know we don't have any dates set up for the next 3 weeks but." I shrugged.
Scooter nodded in understanding.
"Why don't we have any dates planned for the next 3 weeks?" I asked. I wanted to ask this question the second I had received my schedule but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it and Kelsey never mentioned it... 
"We figured since you guys are friends now, you'd make your own time to see each other." He shrugged. "We don't have to schedule your guys every move for this stunt to work."
He had a point... and he was right about making time to see each other. At least I was gonna make time to visit Kelsey. I finally had a friend that understood what I was going through and that I could genuinely have a good time with.... I wasn't ready to let that go.
"Well, I'm gonna go get some take out Chinese food and surprise Kelsey. I'll see you tomorrow." I waved goodbye to Scooter as Kenny followed me out of the studio. 
I knew Kelsey's mom was going to dinner with my mom and a few of their friends so that means Kelsey would be home alone... It also meant that she would have to cook for herself. I knew Kelsey well enough to know that she would rather not eat then have to make a meal herself...
JustinBieber: Going to surprise the girlfriend with some Chinese food. She deserves it after a long work day. shhh :)

JustinBieber: Should I buy her flowers too? Hmmm.
~Kelsey's POV~
I woke up to my phone ringing obnoxiously. Why do people hate me? I groaned and reached for it, sliding my finger across the lock, and holding it up to my ear.
"Hello. You've reached Kelsey. It's obvious you hate her and wanted to wake her up from the beautiful sleep she was in the middle of enjoying. This better be important." I spoke sarcastically into the phone. I had no idea who had called but at this point I didn't care. I was tired.
"Hello. This is Justin." He mocked me. "It's obvious I love Kelsey and wanted to be a good boyfriend so I decided to buy her a yummy Chinese dinner."
I felt my stomach grumble at the thought of delicious Chinese food.
"You brought me dinner?" My face lit up.
"Yes." He chuckled. "Now open the door for me. I'm starving."
"See you in a sec." I hung up the phone and got up from my bed, making my way downstairs. 
I opened the front door to be greeted by Justin. Sure enough he had a bag of Chinese take out in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. He handed me the flowers and stepped inside.
"Well this was very nice of you." I commented with a small smile.
"I thought you deserved it." He shrugged, setting the food down on the kitchen counter. "I know how hard tour rehearsals can be."
I nodded. "I feel like sleeping for the rest of my life."
He chuckled and began serving us our dinner on two separate plates. 
I pulled out my phone and decided to tweet. This was cute boyfriend stuff...
KelseyLevine: Chinese food and flowers? Best boyfriend ever. Thanks @justinbieber :) ♥
I set my phone down and my mouth began to water at the thought of eating the Chinese food. Justin passed me my plate and a fork.
We walked out into the living room and sat beside each other on the couch. I didn't even bother to talk. I was too busy shoving this amazing food down my throat.
I heard Justin laugh lightly as he watched me.
"Shut up." I muttered but smiled to make sure he knew I was joking. "I'm tired and hungry."
"I can tell." He teased and went back to eating his food.
It was silent, but a comfortable silence. The TV was on but I wasn't really paying attention.
I finally finished eating and placed my plate on the coffee table that was placed in front of us. Justin finished as well, placing his plate beside mine and then sitting back and stretching his arms out until they rested behind his head.
I couldn't but look over at Justin. He stared at the tv with a blank expression. I could tell he wasn't really watching. It didn't look like something was bothering him, necessarily but it did look like he was thinking bout something.
"Penny for your thoughts?" I questioned, shoving my feet underneath me and getting comfortable on the couch.
He chuckled. "You're gonna need a lot more than just a penny for my thoughts."
He was trying to pass this off as a joke but I could tell he was seriously deep in thought.
~Justin's POV~
Truth is, I was thinking about Kelsey's grandparents... but it would be weird to actually admit that to her. Her grandparents were really nice but that's not why I was thinking about them. In fact, I was thinking about her Grandpa more than anything. How he told me to take good care of Kelsey. The guilt was still eating me alive but I didn't dare mention it to HER because the guilt would be even harder for her to handle then it is for me.
"Come on Justin." Kelsey said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "I can tell you're thinking about something and whatever it is, it has to be pretty important."
I shrugged. "I get like this sometimes."
It wasn't entirely a lie. Sometimes I have a lot on my mind and the fact that my schedule is usually really busy, I don't have time to just let my mind race. I like to think about things that I don't have to time to think about during the day, but in this case I was thinking about Kelsey's grandparents and like I said... I'm not gonna admit that to her.
"You know, I have a lot on my mind." I paused. "About the fame and stuff."
She nodded in understanding. I'm guessing she gets like this too.
It was silent and things were getting slightly tense.
"Hey, come here." I motioned for Kelsey to scoot a little bit closer. She gave me a suspicious look before giving in and sliding right next to me.
"Sometimes I just need to get my mind off of things." I paused, giving her an innocent look. "Ya know?"
She nodded. "Yeah. I usuall-"
She was cut off by my sudden surprise attack. I moved my hands up and down her sides, tickling her with no mercy. She let out a shrill scream before her high pitch laughter filled the room.
"J-Justin!" She yelled while giggling hysterically. "Stop!"
"Mmm. No." I smirked as I continued tickling her.
She squirmed, doing whatever she could to get away from me. She kicked and threw her arms around, trying to get me to back off. Realizing that I was stronger than her she did the only thing she could.... Roll off the couch.
I laughed loudly as she hit the floor. "You're gonna have to better than that to get away from me."
"Justin! I'm serious! Stop!" She screamed as I hopped on top of her. I straddled her waist, attacking her sides once more.
She moved her head from side to side. "I." A giggle escaped. "Hate." More laughter. "You!" She squeaked out.
Just then we heard the door open and her mom walked in. She looked down at us before a small smile grew on her lips.
"What's going on?" She had a look of pure amusement on her face.
Kelsey took this as a chance to push me off of her.
"Justin was being a jerk." She muttered, fixing her top.
I chuckled. "Stop being so dramatic."
Kelsey merely stared at me with narrowed eyes causing her mom to giggle.
"I'll see you later." I stated, deciding it was probably time for me to go.
Kelsey nodded and waved as I made my way to her front door.
"Bye Ana." I gave her mom a charming smile.
"Bye Justin." She smiled back.
~Kelsey's POV~
I got up and walked into the kitchen where my mom was putting some left overs in the refrigerator.
"So, you and Justin?" My mom smirked, closing the fridge door and leaning against the kitchen counter.
I rolled my eyes. "Don't get too excited mom. He only came over to bring me dinner."
She eyed the flowers that sat on the kitchen counter in front of her. "And he brought you flowers?"
I shrugged, trying to show her that it was not a big deal.
She held up her hands in surrender. "Alright. Alright. I'm just saying... you guys have been getting a lot closer."
"We're friends." I made sure to stress that to her. The last thing I needed was for her to run back to Pattie and start planning a baby shower for our future kids.
I came home from an all day dress rehearsal. I wasn't as exhausted as yesterday but I was definitely tired. I had to try on nearly 10 different tour outfits and dance around in them... It was not as fun as it sounds. On the bright side, I absolutely loved every single one of the outfits.
I walked over to the fridge, pulled out a half eaten carton of ice cream, grabbed a spoon, and walked up to my room. It was gonna be a good night.
I layed in bed and my biggest worry was what movie I was gonna watch. I decided to go with 'The Last Song'. It was one of those nights...

It had just gotten to the part where Will and Ronnie first say I love you when my phone started buzzing. I rolled my eyes and reached for it, making sure to check the Caller ID. If they weren't important enough I was gonna ignore the call.
Sadly, it was Emily and as her best friend I was obligated to answer.
"Hello?" I held my iPhone against my ear.
"Kelsey. Have you been on twitter at all today?" Emily's voice rang in my ears.
"No..." I trailed off, wondering where she was going with this.
"Get on now!" She ordered.
"Why?" I asked, getting up from my bed and reaching towards my lap top that sat on my desk.
"There's a twitter fight going on."
"A Twitter fight?" I asked confused, quickly logging on. "Between who?"
My questions were soon answered.... It was hard not to know who this twitter fight was between. There were trending topics, I was getting tons of mentions, and my fans were going crazy. Oh god....
~Yayyyy. I updated. haha It's late I know but whatever. Hope you like this chapter! COMMENT. I LOVE YOU GUYS TO THE MOON AND BACK ♥333