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R5 one shots! OPEN
Story published April 30, 2012 · updated May 30, 2013 · 18 pages · 2,917 readers · 14,826 reads
Here Comes Forever
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Here Comes Forever (Ross Lynch)

I'm finally back writing these yay this one is for this lovely girl נυℓιє follow her guys (: 

Guy:Ross lynch
Personality:Giggly,bubbly,kinda shy,childish.
Song:here comes forever-R5

Julie and Ross have a certain friendship that was hard to explain in a way. It was obvious they liked each other well to everyone except each other.
"Are you coming to our concert tomorrow?"Ross asked Julie praying she'd say yes.
"You know I am."Julie replied shoving her best friend playfully 
Something inside Ross made him extremely excited she was coming. It could've been for the fact he might actually tell her that he likes her but he wasn't sure. 
Julie felt herself getting butterflies in her stomach thinking of Ross that night. 
"He doesn't like me."She told herself.
The next day Julie was hanging out with Rydel while the boys got ready for the concert.
"Julie stop looking so pretty."Rydel said out of no where.
She looked confused then laughed "What?"she asked 
"Stop looking so pretty. You're distracting poor Ross."Rydel said and they turned their attention to Ross who tripped while staring at Julie.
Blushing Ross waved at her "Hey Jules."he said smiling
Bitting her lip she said "Hey Ross."
Rydel was there smirking and her arms crossed over her chest "Aww aren't you two cute."she said 
"Shush up."Julie said.
Awhile later she found her seat in the front row for the concert. Something about tonight made her think that something good would happen. Julie was dancing and singing along with R5 and other R5ers who absolutely loved her.
"Okay this next song is for a special friend and she's in the crowd right now."Ross said winking at the girl in the front row who caught his eye the first time he ever met her.
R5 began to sing 'Here comes forever' which made Julie smile. After the concert Ross took his best friend out to the country by the lake they loved so much.
"You were amazing tonight."Julie complemented.
Ross smiled at her as they sat on the good of his car "Thanks,um Jules there's something I want to tell you."Ross stuttered out
"Okay what is it?"she asked her heart racing 
Taking a deep breath he said 
"Sorry what was that?"she asked confused since he said it way to fast
"I said I really like you and I doubt you like me back,but you should know."Ross said slowly this time.
Rain began to fall lightly "Wow,I uh Ross I like you too."Julie said 
Moving in close to Julie he mumbled "Here comes that movie scene one you hate so cliché,that moment when we kiss by the lake pouring rain."then they kissed as rain began to pour down.
"It is cliché."Julie laughed breaking the kiss.
"I ain't no superman but I can change your world so here comes forever Julie."Ross said
She began to laugh "So cliché Ross,but it was sweet so I'll accept it."she told him and kissed his cheek.
hope you liked it and sorry it took me forever to get to it (:

Comment if you want a R5 or 1D one shot I'll be glade to make you one.And make sure to follow.