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A road to love (a mindless behavior and omg girls love story
Story published May 3, 2012 · updated March 17, 2013 · 51 pages · 1,253 readers · 5,838 reads
chapter 11: We was
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Chapter 11: We was just chillling

Reginae's point of view continued.....
I love you to I responded. So we are going to have to tell the others that were back together I said. Yeh but before that I have some place to be RayRay said. Where do you have to be this late I said. On a date with my girl friend he said putting his arm out the door. No I can't I said shaking my head. Why he asked??? Because im not dressed I said. Good cuz I didn't plane anything but I will RayRay said fast trying to save himself. Well one thing you can do right now is show me our house I said. You never seen it yet he asked??? NOPE the I only time I did was when I had to pick up my YMCMB sweat shirt and I didn't even go in I waited outside for it Because I didn't know you were there I said. WOW shaking his head well you have to come and see it its awesome RayRay said. I'll come tonight but I have to pack first I said. 

At our house
the front of the house looked like this


Princeton's point of view
I'll be back I need some water I said to the others. Walking into the kitchen I look in to the living room and I see Reginae and RayRay sitting on the couch together. I went back outside and told everyone. We came back in and we walked up to them and said whats going on I said. They jumped and said oh heyy what's up RayRay said.  That's what we should be asking you Bahja said. Oh yeah we got back together Reginae said. And that's it Roc said. Yeh he just got finished giving me a tour of the house Nae said. So he did nothing big or dramatic Nique said looking confused. No I was about to go out the door and I saw him and he was saying all this sweet stuff about me I said back to her. Wow okay that was boring I thought that would have been more romantic and intrsting so to living up this party lets talk about my birthday coming up in 2 weeks Nique said excitedly. Yeah I said what you wanna do for it I asked her??? Of course a big party I'm turning 17 she said. So when where and who gonna plan it Prodigy asked Nique. Well I geuss my mom and dad will do everything all I know it's going to be big and epic Nique said. I love big and epic parties Bre said. See roc you going to have to watch this one over heare Bahja said. All I know is that I'm going dress shopping ASAP Nique said. Of course you are Prodigy said pecking her on the cheak. Well if y'all don't mind I am tired as crap so good night my peeps spread the peace and spread the love I said as me and B went  upstairs to sleep.

Zonniques point of view
Yeah let's go to sleep we have a early day just me and you I said to prodigy. (everyone did the same)...........

(so sorry it was short it continued from the last chapter P.S check out my next chapter to see what the inside of there house looks like).
LUV YA @ KayBrown!!!!