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You Are The Only Exception
Story published May 4, 2012 · updated July 28, 2013 · completed · 110 pages · 475 readers · 5,325 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

You got out of the pool.
You:What do you want?
???:Uhh..Why are you with another guy when you have a boyfriend? 

You:Uh..Mike,I can hang out with other guys if I want to.You dont control me. 

Mike:I never said you couldnt.I just dont- 

You:What?You dont trust me? 

Mike:I never said that.
You:Well it seems like that to me.
Mike grabbed your arm as you tryed to walk away.
Mike:Erica wait listen.
You tugged your arm out of his hand. 
You kept walking.

You:Just leave me alone.
You couldnt believe that he didnt trust you.
 He always has... until now??
 Why is he changing all suddenly?
 Not trusting you,getting jealous over another guy.
 Like seriously,this is ridiculous.
There was a knock on the door the interupted your thoughts.
You:Who is it?

???:Just let me in Erica.
You walked over to the door.
 You placed your hand on the knob.
 Opened the door with hesitation.
Thankfully it was Nattie and not Mike.
Natalya:What was that all about? 

You:Mike got jealous because I was with another guy.And now he dosent trust me.
You:I dont know.He is changing.He got mad at Nick when he was talking to me so when I leave the room for 2 minutes Mike starts pounding his fist to Nick.I walk out and I had to break it up.Then that happened just a second ago.
Natalya:Oh my goodness.What the hell has gotten into him?
You:I dont know.But it better stop.
Natayla:Well...lets take our minds off boys and....go get ice cream.
You:Good idea.I'll drive.
Natalya opened the door and stepped out along with you. 
You guys went down the elevator in silence.
 And reached the bottom to finally arrive to your car.
 You stepped in the driver's seat.
 And you started backing out.


Natalya:This ice cream is really good.
Nattie said that and sat down in the ice cream shops seat.
You:I know right?!?
You licked your 
ice cream. 

You turned your head looking around the place.
 And you saw this 
girl and she was whispering in her friend's ear.
 She was looking right at you and Natalya.
 You nudged Nattie. 

You:Look over there.
You tryed to not make it obvious.
Natayla:Lets go over.
You stood up walking to the girls.
You:Uh excuse me,I couldnt help but notice that you two were talking about me and my friend.
The blonde answered.
Blonde:What makes you think that?
You:Because your friend was whispering in your ear while you stared at me and Nattie and pointed.
The other one answered.
Brunette:Kenzie,I'll tell them the truth.We were talking about you.So what?
You:While I have alittle problem of people talking about me behind my back.
Kenzie:Well me and Aly have a problem of you.
You:What?You dont even know me?
Aly:Yes we do Erica and Natalya.You guys are WWE divas.And I can not stand you two thinking you are the best in the business. 

Nattie:Excuse me?I dont think you realize we play characters in WWE.Ok?And you two shouldnt think just because we are not in the ring dosent mean we cant still fight.
She stepped towards Nattie as Kenzie stepped towards you.
 You guys stepped closer to them.

 Nattie:Try me.
Aly slapped Nattie and tackled her.
 Kenzie punched you.
 You fell to the ground. 
She tackled you slamming your head to the ground.
You rolled over and started pounding her head and punching her.
 Nattie was in-control of Aly.
 Both you and Nattie stood up when the damage was done.
 They both had bloody noses and black eyes and cuts everywhere.
 You and Natalya had cuts too.
You:Lets roll.
Kenzie rolled over.
 She tryed standing up.
 But Nattie kicked her down.
You:Ok.Lets go now.
You guys ran out of the shop with your delicious ice cream.
 And drove back to the hotel.