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Jealousy Games (Modern Sasuke Love Story)
Story published May 5, 2012 · updated December 6, 2012 · completed · 93 pages · 34,811 readers · 384,336 reads
6- Text Messages
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6- Text Messages

6- Text Messages

        I hear Saukura, Ino and Karin laughing at me, but I only faintly hear it. Their spiteful laughter is drowned out by voices.

"You've got all the same classes as I do." Sasuke smirks at me.

"W-well, he's very po-popular, along with Na-Na-Naruto (here Hinata blushes) and his other friends.
" Hinata tells me.

"Say my name again." Sasuke's hot breath tickles my cheek. "It sounds so much better when you say my name, Kamika." He twirls a strand of my waist length night black hair.

"Hey, Kamika. You may fall from the sky, or fall from a tree. But the best way to fall is in love with me. Call me Suigetsu." From his table, I see Sasuke narrow his eyes at Suigetsu, watching us carefully.

"Kamika. Stay away from Suigetsu." Sasuke says as we walk down the halls.

"What do I want?" Sasuke smirks. "You."

"So.......Kamika.....who do you like?" Tenten grins.

"Sasuke also told me you are very pretty, which is under-rated." Itachi smiles gently. "You're beautiful."

I shake my head, clearing it a little. The three fangirls look at me expectantly, as if waiting for me to burst out crying. How weak do they think I am? I shrug and turn back to my mirror, smoothing out my tangled eyelashes.
"That's great. Do I care? No." Sakura's face turns red. 
"Watch out, Kamika. Watch where you're stepping."
I meet her stare evenly. "Oh, I know where I'm stepping.
Definitely not on your cotton candied princess pink path."
Intensified hate reaches Sakura's eyes. She flips her long (pink) hair and struts out of the bathroom. I take a deep breath and look at myself in the mirror. Despite how rattled up I am on the inside, on the outside, I look perfectly calm. Good. I guess I'll go back now.

        I check my cell phone, seeing it's a couple of minutes until the mall shuts down for the nigh. Ah, crap. The buses have stopped running for the day, so I'll have to walk home. Great.
"Well, if I'm walking, I'd better start. Bye guys." I wave to Itachi, Sasuke, Suigetsu, and Kiba. Hinata and Naruto left long ago, Naruto walking my friend home. I look at the night sky. A perfect crescent moon. I'm standing outside Konoha Mall, prepared for a 10 block walk back home. The skies are inky black, like Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke. There's no mistake, that photo was him and Sakura kissing. Who else has pink hair?
"Idiot." I mutter to myself. I kick a pebble off the sidewalk. 9 and 1/2 more blocks to go. It's late, and if I don't get enough sleep, I'll probably be late for school.
"Hey. Want a ride?" I look up to see Itachi, smiling at me in a sleek midnight black sports car. I grin, feeling relieved that I don't have to walk home. 
"Yeah, thanks." I climb in the passenger's seat and clip on my seat belt. Itachi leans on the wheel.
"Why are you walking home?" he asks.
"The buses have all stopped running. And I don't have learner's permit or license yet." I mumble. I feel really sleepy, as it's late in the night.
"Hn. What's your address?" Itachi asks. I give him the directions and he starts the engine and starts driving. I lean back in my seat and stare at Itachi. It's hard not to. He's completely dazzling. An image of Sasuke smirking at me pops into my head but I shake it off. Pretty boy was just teasing me. Why would he flirt with me when he already has a girlfriend?
"Itachi?" I murmur drowsily.
"What does Sasuke think of me?"
A long pause. Itachi's eyes are trained on the road. "I don't know." I shrug. I feel my eyelids closing, the steady rocking of the car pushing me to sleep. "Kamika?"
"What? I'm awake!" I jump at Itachi's voice. He chuckles.
"Were you sleeping?" I blush.
"No." I protest, unconvincingly. Itachi laughs.
"You're not too good at lying. Hey, Kamika, Sasuke and I are having a party at the Uchiha manor tomorrow night, and if you came," Itachi turns to smile at me. "it'd be great. Bring Tenten and Hinata too."
"Alright." I grin. Parties aren't really my thing, but dancing is. My eyelids start feeling heavy again, and I think Itachi notices.
"If you want to sleep, go ahead." he says. I nod, and drift to sleep. I feel Itachi's hand push back some of my midnight black locks behind my ear. "It's alright, Kamika. Sleep." he murmurs.

        I open my eyes, looking in the darkness. I'm in my own bed, at my house. Something's in my hand. I raise my arm to look at it. A note, folded four times neatly, written in perfect cursive.

        Hey, Kamika. Didn't want to wake you up, so I just took your keys and lay you in bed. Hope you don't mind. Your keys are on your night stand. See you at school.

I smile. Thanks, Itachi. A blush rises as I imagine Itachi carrying me to my bed, then kissing me goodnight- no. Nope. he's a senior(grade 12) and I'm a freshman(grade 9). He probably didn't. But I wish he would.
I look at my cell phone, which is also on my night stand. Thanks again, Itachi.  25 messages. A couple from Hinata and Tenten, about 10 from Kiba and Suigetsu, 1 from Itachi, and the rest from Sasuke. I fling my cell phone on my pillow after replying to all messages except Sasuke's. Another message pops up. It's not a message. It's a picture of Sasuke and Sakura kissing, the one she showed me earlier today. With a message.

        Stay away from my bf, or u pay.
Sakura Honda [Japan's Sister] [~Sakura]

Thanks for reading ^^
Scarlett-chan loves you! <3