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Imagines (:
Story published May 6, 2012 · updated August 11, 2012 · 16 pages · 7,282 readers · 15,512 reads
Imagine - Niall Ho
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Imagine - Niall Horan

Imagine you are walking with two of your closest friends in town. You all feel REALLY hungry so decide to go to your favourite restaraunt ... Nandos !
Walking in the smell of chicken and spices hit you , making your mouths water instantly.
Sitting down , you order a huge amount of food as you're always hungry !

Suddenly you hear screaming and see a mob of girls gathered outside , getting overwhelmed  and crying. You all shrug it off and start shovelling food into your mouth.
Your friend , Katlyn , eyes grow huge and her face turns red.
"_____ , look over there !" She hurriedly whispers to you. Turning to in the direction Katlyn is pointing your eyes bug out. Quickly turning back to your food you blush and try to regain control of your fangirling body. 
"What's going on ?" Asks a clueless Sasha.
"One freaking Direction are here right now !" You look at her in disbelief as she didn't notice any of the screaming girls outside.
"Hey _____ , don't look now , but they're coming over !" Katlyn says in a low voice.
You sneak a glance through your long brown hair and sure enough 5 of the fittest boys are walking straight towards you and your friends.

"Hey beautiful" You look up and see the five boys of One Direction at your table. Your gaze immediately finds Niall , and he starts blushing. Cute !
"Hey yourself" You all chorus , smirking at the boys.
"So what's your names ?" Zayn asks.
"I'm Katlyn" She shakes the boys hands then sits down.
"I'm Sasha" She says with a flirtatious smile.
"And I'm _____" You say , eyes making there way back to Niall.

They come and sit with you , Niall on one side , Harry on the other side of you. 
"So , do you like One Direction ?" Niall whispers to you.
"Yes ! You guys are amazayn" You smile and blush.
"So who's your favourite ?" He asks.
"You'll have to find out" You reply cheekily , Niall was obviously the favourite !

After you all finish eating you go to the pools , and spend 3hours swimming and mucking around , having a laugh.

You go underwater and swim along the bottom. Resurfacing you come face to face with Niall. Your face instantly goes red as he embraces you.
"So you gonna tell me your favourite band member now ?" He whispers seductively.
"You" you whisper. And then you feel soft wet lips on yours. It takes you a second to realise what's going on until you kiss back , relishing the feel of Niall.

At the end of the day you all swap numbers , promising to keep intouch.
Niall kisses you and you make plans to see each other the next day.
All three walk to your shared apartment in a daze , happy as ever.

Now the rest it up to you ...

A/N: Hey ! I hope you like it , it's my first imagine ! Comment if you want an imagine and heart ! Love y'all xx

Request an imagine about One Direction , or any celeb you want , I'll be happy to write it for you (:

Please comment and heart ! Much appreciated <3