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Taken. [Andy Biersack Love story.]
Story published May 13, 2012 · updated May 14, 2013 · 25 pages · 378 readers · 4,314 reads
Chapter 20
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Chapter 20

Taylor's P.O.V

I looked slowly over to Andy who looked just as confused as i did.  "Well, go on then!" CC laughed, pushing me forward. I crawled over to Andy awkwardly and leaned in. All of the sudden i felt his lips crash against mine, kissing me deeply. His lips tasted like cigarettes and alcohol, but i like it. I grinned against his lips drunkenly, eventually pulling away. I sat back down, leaving a large grin on Andy's face. I was definitely drunk now. "I'm tired." I stood up quickly, swaying and walked out. I heard the faint tap of Andrew's combat boots behind me. "What're you doing?" I laughed and turned. ""I always see you to bed." He grinned, symboling carry on. I continued to walk up the stairs, eventually ending up in my room. I placed my hands on Andy's tall shoulders playfully and turned him to face a wall. "Don't peak." I laughed, sliding off my shirt and shorts. I quickly got my PJ'S on as Andy tapped his head against the wall lightly. "Okay, done." I laughed, climbing onto the bed. "Pink PJ'S? That's not like you." He laughed, poking my side. I let out a small giggle. I have always been ticklish. "Oh, ticklish are you?" He laughed and pinned me down, tickling my sides. "NO STOP NOOOOOO"I laughed loudly, squirming around underneath him. I finally managed to scramble away and locked myself in the en suite bathroom that led on from my room. "You can't stay in there forever." I heard Andrew chuckle outside the door, tapping lightly. "And anyway, there's that massive spider in there." He spoke,  sending shivers down my spine. Panic erupted quickly through me. I hated spiders. "WHAT?!!? WHERE?!?! I CANT SEE IT?!?!" I shrieked a little, running out the door. Only then did i realize it was a trap, but it was too late. Andy grabbed me from behind, easily lifting my up and pinned me back to the bed, laughing. "Anyway, Goodnight Taylor." He smiled slightly down to me, his long black hair fallen over his defined face. He stood up to walk about but i quickly grabbed him by the hand drunkenly. "Don't leave..."