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He left,and now he's back (Harry Styles Fanfic)
Story published May 15, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · 6 pages · 3,642 readers · 14,646 reads
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I sat by my mom in my bathroom crying. Iwas pregnant and my baby's daddy left to go on X-Factor. The father is THE Harry Styles and now I was left alone preparing to raise our child alone. I refused to tell him because I wanted him to live and enjoy his teenage years. On July 23,2010 I ending up having a baby boy and girl,
Darcy Veronica Styles and Andrew Louis Styles. Darcy has Harry's Curly hair and his brown hair,She has my blue eyes and my smile. Andrew is just like me:) He has my Black hair and my piercing blue eyes. I have a modeling/dancing career that helps ALOT!!! We are pretty rich and my babies are spoiled! They are turning 3 in 6 months:') They have asked where there dad is and I just told them hes doing his job, but it hurts knowing that Darcy will never be able to be a daddy's girl. Harry's family knows about them but have kept it a secret from him. Gemma,Cher Lloyd and I are best friends. Anne and her husband love the kids and the kids love to go see them.

Well I must go make dinner for the kids:)