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Beautiful (Harry Styles love story)
Story published May 16, 2012 · updated March 5, 2013 · 157 pages · 34,473 readers · 334,968 reads
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Chapter one. -ZaynMalikWhat?

I hand a picture of a handsome guy, with black hair and brown eyes, to my friend Julia. She stares at it as she saw something incredibly amazing. 
"Isn't that like Zayn?" she asks. 
I make duh face and nod. I just told her his name and she re-asks me about it again. Smart. 
"I mean Zayn Malik" she tries again and looks at me, making me giggle, because I can only imagine how hard it had to be for her to quit staring at picture of Zayn. 
"Jesus, Julia, I already told you his full name. Do I need to repeat it again?" I lift my eyebrow. 
Julia's eyes goes wide "Yes, please" she whispers, causing me to laugh. 
"And you are telling me this guy, in this picture, who's also part of that amazing boy band, is your friend?" Julia asks looking at me as I am mental or something. 
I throw a pillow at her and she gives me one of her best death glares. And she do it damn good, but I got used to it, since she glares at me a lot. I am wondering how the hell we're best friends, when we are so different. 
"No offence, April, but it sounds lame." Julia laughs and I pout. 
Okay, she doesn't believe in me when I tell her Zayn Malik is my friend. Yes, I admit it, it sound lame, since he is a famous singer and is a part of, probably one of the most popular bands now, One Direction. 
"You know, yesterday I met Max Theriot. Today he's taking me out for dinner." Julia laughs.
"Yea, sure, make fun of me. But I will laugh your face off, when you will realize I wasn't lying all this time" I smirk at Julia and run out of my room, straight to the kitchen. 
My mom glances at my direction and waves at me, probably so I would come closer. I give her a questionable look. 
"April, do you remember when we had a conversation about your birthday party?" mom asks. 
I gulp and nod. Sure I do. I wanted to have a party for my 17 birthday, since my last birthday sucked. I mean, could it be fun chatting with your mom's friends about their lives, while their kids, all under 5 years of age, running around you, leaving mess everywhere they go? Answer, obviously, is a no. So, I wanted to replace those awful memories by having a great party this year. And my mom didn't really liked that idea much. 
"Mom, please, don't tell me you won't let me to have a party! Please. I am begging you! I don't want those little disasters around me again! I wouldn't survive it" I wine and fall on my knees in front of her. 
Drama queen? Maybe just a little. 
"Calm down, April. You can have your party" mom smiles at me and I hug her tightly. That's how thankful I am. "But..." she whispered. 
I look at her face trying not to pout, because she once said she hates it when I am pouting. 
"I don't know how I should tell you that" mom mutters and I immediately start to panic. 
Something bad happened, right? What? Is anyone sick? Don't tell me that something bad happened to my little Biscuit!
"Mom, is Biscuit alright? He's fine, right?" 
"Sure. He is outside with Alan. He loves that puppy and takes no money for taking care of him" mom smiles. 
"Mom, he is your son. Sure he takes no money for taking care of his dog" I mutter and grab a carrot from the fridge. Carrots are cool. 
Mom just shrugs. I roll my eyes at her. 
"So, will you be kind, and tell what you wanted to tell me earlier?" I ask chewing on my carrot. 
My mom opens her mouth, but crazy, squealing girl runs to the kitchen and starts running in circles around me. I stretch out my arm, hitting Julia in stomach, but it doesn't make her stop. Okay then.
I tuck my leg right when she's in front of me and finally she stops running, simply because she fell down on the kitchen floor.
"Oh my God, I can't believe! Oh my God!!!" she squeals again making my mom cover her ears with her palms. I got used to Julia screaming all the time. 
"Liam... he tweeted me! Oh my God! I am dying" Julia sighs and starts crawling towards fridge. "I need water" she mumbles. 
Well, that was random. 
I face my mom, trying to ignore Julia gasping and letting out other creepy and strange sound, while trying to get up. 
"April, I know you wanted to get new computer for your birthday, but I got you new present" my mom smiles at me. 
I try not to frown, but it's just so hard. I mean, I really wanted that computer. 
I shrug "Oh. That's cool, mom. Thanks" 
She comes closer and wraps her arm around my shoulders. 
"But I think you will like it even more, than that computer, dear" she pats my head. 
"I hardly doubt that, mom. But I appreciate your effort. Really" I mutter. 
Julia moans really loud as she takes a sip of water. I giggle. 
"Oh my sweet Lord, this water tastes so damn good" Julia partially yells and hugs bottle of water. 
"Dear, don't be sad. It's a really good present" my mom says and I don't understand how can she say it's a good present. I mean, all presents are good, but nothing could be better than that damn computer. I was dreaming about it since I first time saw it. And it was exactly five months ago. I waited for so long and what will I get? Obviously, not what I was expecting. Eh. 
"Mom, thank you a lot. Can we go now?" I ask. 
Mom nods, but then frowns, when she sees Julia laying on the floor, next to the fridge, hugging bottle of water and mumbling something that sounded like 'Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam...' non-stop. It would look creepy to everyone who doesn't know Julia well. She is obsessed with One Direction and can't act normal when it comes to Liam. You could say she is madly in love with that guy. And it would be true. 
"I don't think she will be able to move" my mom whispers. 
"No, she is all good" I smile and walk towards Julia. 
"Hey girl, let's go to my room and listen to One Direction" I say to her. 
She stands up immediately, grabs my arm and drags me upstairs to my room. This girl is sure dedicated. 


"April, for Gods sake, stop squirming!" Julia yells, causing me jump and brush my toe nails to the pillow, leaving blue marks on it. Great. 
"Look what you have done! My favorite pillow is ruined" I whine and glare at Julia. 
"It's not my fault that you can't stay calm for a fifteen minutes" Julia mutters, obviously pissed off by me, being so impatient, when it's about getting your nails done. And seems like Julia enjoys torturing me. 
"Come here, I'll start it all over again" she sighs. 
"No need to. Just leave it like this" I suggest. 
"No" she snaps and I don't even try to say anything back. If Julia wants something - she will get it. 
As she tries to fix what I had ruined she frowns. 
"Your nails are too small" she complains. 
Seriously? "Okay, miss I have perfect toe nails, I'll try to grow mine, if you want me to" I say sarcastically in royal tone. Or maybe it's just me who thinks it sounds royal. 
Julia rolls her eyes and starts tapping my toe nails. 
"Do you really need to tap it like this? It tickles" I complain. Well, it's true. It really tickles. 
"You complain too much" Julia mumbles. 
I shrug. Maybe she is right. 
"So, what was that about? I mean, your weird acting in the kitchen?" I ask. 
Julia frowns. "I though Liam tweeted me. But later I checked it. Random whore pretended to be him and ruined my life." 
"He sure will tweet you. Someday" I smile cheerfully and pat Julia's head. 
"Finished!" she screams after two seconds and I sigh in relief. Now, I will stand up carefully and try not to ruin pedicure Julia made. 
Right when I stood up, my mom's voice reach my ears. 
"April, your present is here! Come on, hurry up girls!"
My present? Well, my birthday actually is in two weeks, but if mom got me present now - I don't mind. I mean, she said it's really good. I sway downstairs, making myself look like an idiot and notice someone I wasn't expecting to see. 
"Hey, April! Happy birthday!" Zayn partially yells and stretch his arms for me, showing he wants a hug. 
I stand in the middle in the hallway, with my toe nails done and stare at him as he smiles like a creeper. 
I start swaying towards Zayn, trying not to fall down. He rises his eyebrow, making himself look funny. 
"It's complicated, since my toe nails are done" I mutter. 
"I don't care. I am your present and I want a hug" Zayn stamp his foot and cross his arms on his chest. I laugh as I finally stand in front of him, reaching my arms out, ready for a hug. 
Zayn laughs and wraps his long and strong arms around me, making me frown. I forgot how much I missed those friendly, big bear hugs.
After few moments he releases me and ruffles my hair. 
"You're still a midget. Will you ever grow up?" he teases me. I hate it. 
Simply because, I am not a midget. I am exactly 5'7 feet, what is pretty tall for a girl. I never enjoyed being so tall, while most people around me were under 5'5 feet. I felt uncomfortable. 
I just punch his arm lightly and finally turn around, facing Julia, who now was pale, her brown eyes open wide and her mouth making a perfect 'o' shape. I smirk. Haha, she is shocked. 
Julia reach her hand out and points at Zayn mumbling something. 
"Excuse me?" Zayn smiles at Julia, making her eyes go even wider. I think after that her eyes will hurt. 
"Z-Z-z-zayn Malik" Julia stutter and with that runs towards Zayn and hugs him tightly. 
He hugs her back, because, you know, he is a really nice guy, but I can see confusion on his face. 
Julia finally let go of him and stares at me. I just smile at her. 
Muttering "Told you he's my friend" I grab both of their hands and drag them to the kitchen. 


Hello, readers! My very first fan-fiction story! I'm so insecure about this story.
So, don't hate me if I'll suck. Which will definitely happen. c;  

Liv xox