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Done~I want you forever~jason mccann~
Story published May 17, 2012 · updated August 28, 2012 · completed · 7 pages · 2,896 readers · 26,783 reads
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Jason’s mom point of view

Jason was like always sitting in his room. On his computer

checking Amber’s profile.

She changed my baby boy’s life!!!


But I know that Jason would never forgive me.


I had this wonderful plan to make him, him again.

Jason’s p.o.v:


Amber is so pretty…


I went downstairs, saw mommy and daddy on the floor making out.

I just watched them kissing.



Start making a list what you want to do with amber honey!!!


How would I feel if amber’s little body was against me…?


Then I quickly ran to the bath-room

It was 9:09 pm.

Mommy: Jason!!! Why aren’t you sleeping???

I can’t stop thinking about amber!!!

Mommy: I will talk to amber, okay??

Mommy: okay, but now go to bed!! Tomorrow is Friday!!Then you will have amber, okay??

After a while I fell in sleep.

So, I don’t have friends.

Jason’s mom p.o.v:


She was dancing around in her room

I climbed in her room.

I think she’s bathing

She saw me

A man gave it to and said that I would knock anyone out

I dragged her to my car

Jason’s life is going to be normal

I dragged her on top of Jason’s bed

It was 11:07 pm

Then I called Ben (Jason’s dad)

Jason’s point of view:

Mommy: honey, I promised that I would talk to amber, didn’t I?

Mommy: well, she’s at the vacation house

I looked at her in disbelieve

Mommy sighed


Then mommy left.

That’s not good!!!

I took a nice bath

Then I walked downstairs

Me: I’m sorry mommy!!

And gave me a hug

Then I left the house

Then I went to the vacation house

And saw…I saw amber


She brought MY amber to me!!!

<span style="font-family:" color:#7030a0;font-size:13pt"="">I couldn’t explain how I was feeling