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No time like the present John Cena love story-finished-
Story published May 18, 2012 · updated June 4, 2012 · completed · 24 pages · 634 readers · 11,758 reads
chapter 27
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Chapter 27

We get to the hotel but I stop at the entrance
"before I do this, promise me something" and he nods
"promise you will never hurt me again"
"I promise" and we kiss
I let go and nod 
We walk into the hotel and Randy walks up to us 
I am about to talk but he smiles
"I know you to are back together and I am fine with it" 
I smile and we hug 
"thank you Randy" and he nods 
I hear a high pitched scream 
we all turn and see Kelly screaming at John

I hold my ears 
just seeing her standing there crying made me laugh
"you think this funny" she screams at me 
"I do yes, I can not believe we were best friends once" 
"John dont leave me" she says crying 
"I love you cassie" John says ingoring Kelly 
He picks me up and we kiss
I hear kelly screaming but I dont care
I kiss back and we hug 
I look at him and smile

"No time like the present to say, I love you and I will never hurt you" and we kiss
I smile at him but suddenly he gets on one knee
"Will you marry me again ?" 
"yes" and everyone cheers 
"I love you and would do anything for you" 
"John I love you so much" and he blushes
I smile and we kiss again 
Then we go back to hotel room and have some fun