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It Was Just A Kiss (Andy Biersack Love Story)
Story published May 18, 2012 · updated July 26, 2013 · 7 pages · 205 readers · 1,143 reads
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Hiya, beautiful.

I'm Julia, Julia Simms, sister of Juliet Simms.

I'm 21 years of age, loving it so far.

I feel like an adult, I have my own place, car, and property.

I'm a songwriter, I like to write songs, especially for my sister whenever she needs an idea.

I'll also offer Andy some help every once in a while; sometimes he accepts, sometimes he doesn't, fine by me.

I'm currently touring with Black Veil Brides, it's been fun.

All of the guys are nice to me.

I'll share a fact with you, I'm very short.

Christian and Ashley like to call me shorty for some reason I don't know.

Now, I'm not a midget, but am a bit short.

Jake and Jinxx like to call me their dwarfy,

And Andy says I'm his small fry, and Juliet loves to call me her 'mini me'.

You see how much these people love me?

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