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I Promise *Harry Styles*
Story published May 19, 2012 · updated July 4, 2012 · 106 pages · 37,876 readers · 726,316 reads
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Sorry about all the confusion with the last couple notes. No more. I promise. HEE HEE! I promise. The name of the story. No? Well.

Rayne's POV

I woke up to really loud beeping. I hit my alarm. I rolled onto my side. Big Mistake. I almost fell out of my bunk. Top bunk. Two arms wrapped around my waist last second though. I turned and cuddled into Hazza's chest. "Thanks." I mumbled. He laughed and kissed my hair. I rolled my eyes and stood up. I got dressed in this.  
 I walked over to Harry. "Nice Sweater." He said. I hit him playfully. "I'm gonna go for a walk." I said. "We are on a tour bus." He said rolling his eyes. "Bus stopped an hour ago." I said. He laughed and face palmed. He jumped out of bed and got dressed in the bathroom. I hooked Tess up on her leash and we were off.

Five minutes later, we arrived in a small park. It looked so small and cute. We walked swinging our hands. Carefully studying everything in sight. "Oh. my. god." I heard a small voice said. Fan. I turn to see a girl under a tree reading a book. She sat up fast and hit her head on a low branch. We rushed over to her and helped. "You okay?" Harry asked. She looked us over. "I can't believe Harry Styles and Rayne Horan just asked me if I was alright." She said out loud. I could see excitement in her eyes. She stood up and cleared her throat. "Becca." She said sticking out her hand. "And I know who you are." She said. I shook her hand. Then Harry. She smiled. Her eyes widened as she felt around in her pocket. She pulled out her cell phone and sighed in relief. She pointed to the two of us. "Can you?" She asked. We nodded and stood next to her. Her in the middle, me and Harry on the other sides of her. She scooped up Tess and snuggled her. I held the camera up and Hazza hit the button. She smiled at the picture and thanked us. "See you on Tonight!" She said. "Where are you going?" Harry asked. "So, your coming to the concert." I said. She nodded at me, then turned to Harry. "I have to go do homework. If I do it now and get go to the concert." She said. Harry nodded and dug through his pocket. He handed her a backstage pass. "Here." He said. She squealed and hugged him. Then hugged me. No one hugged me. She patted Tess then ran off skipping. I laughed. "She seems nice." Harry said. "I like her." I agreed as we continued our walk. 

Meanwhile, back on the bus. Niall's POV
I was currently sitting on my girlfriend. She sighed. "No." She said. "But I want food." I cried. My tummy was growling. She would not go down without a fight. "Please." I asked giving her my famous Horan puppy dog stares. She rolled her eyes. She's cracking. YES!. "Fine." She sighed. "YES!" I yelled. I leaned over and gave her a big kiss. She giggled and pushed me off her lap. She grabbed her phone and grabbed my hand. "Come on." She said. I smiled and followed her like a moth to a flame.

We finally reached Mc Donalds. She got up and ran inside. I knew I loved her for a reason. Once, we ordered everything in the place, we sat down. They told us that they were gonna bring it to us. Sky and I were talking, when a teen girl walked over. I smiled at her. She looked up at us and gasped. She dropped the tray she was holding. I caught it last second though. I instantly ate some fries. "Your Niall Horan." She said. Her face got really white. I smiled at her. "And your Skylar Moon!" She gasped pointing at Sky. Sky looked up from her food. Fries hanging out of her mouth. "I just love you too together!" The girl squealed. I took pictures with her. Then with her and Sky. "Sign this." She asked holding out a napkin. I nodded and took it.

Thanks for being such a great fan- Niall Horan.

I smiled and handed her the napkin. She smiled and passed it to Skylar. Sky took it and wrote something down. 

Its really nice to meet someone like you. Thanks for being so nice to me- Skylar Moon.

I smiled at her. "Whats your name by the way?" I asked. "Kaelyn." She said. "Pretty name." SKylar and I said at the same time. "I will leave you two to your food." She said. Sky gabbed her hand. "Are you going to the concert tonight?" She asked. "Can't I have to work here. Stupid job." She said. "You deserve much better than  this job. You should quit." I said. Her eyes widened. She walked right up ti the register. took some ladies shake and dumped it on the man. "Hey Randy! I QUIT!" She said. She smiled at him and ran back over to us. "That felt good." She said. We handed her tickets, then she was on her way to a better job. She seemed really nice. 

Rayne's POV
We finally reached the concert hall. The boys got hair and makeup done. They went on stage. I was talking with my girls when I heard our names being called. We walked over to the stage door. Stage crew pushed us out onto the stage. Our boyfriends lead us to ten chairs. They made us sit down. Then sat down next to us.

Louis, JJ (space) Angie, Liam (space) Me, Harry (space) Jess, Zayn (space) Sky, Niall

I tried to figure out what was happening. Music started playing. I heard the audience go crazy. I reconized the song and smiled.


I smiled. Half way through the song. Harry stood up. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. We waltzed around the stage. I was giggling the whole time. The audience started cheering. "DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE!" I blushed and hid my face in Harry's chest. A good song came on. 

(just Harry- DREW. and Rayne- SELENA skip to 1:45.) 

The audience went wild. I laughed. They started pulling people on from the crowd. I reconized one girl. "BECCA!" I yelled.cShe walked over and we started dancing with another girl that Niall pulled up. I soon learned her name was Kaelyn. I smiled as we did this dance. 

(Three girls and full song lol) 

I didn't know they knew this dance. I posted a video of me and the girls doing this dance when the first song came out. I smiled. Michigan rocked. 

 Thanks for being the best readers ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Comment heart and rate