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Welcome to your nightmare (Dark!Hetalia x Reader) (CLOSED)
Story published May 19, 2012 · updated July 23, 2013 · completed · 42 pages · 13,910 readers · 174,229 reads
Silent Kill (Dark!
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Silent Kill (Dark!Hong Kong)

[A/N] HIIII~~~!!! I'm back from the dead as the epic Rainbow Dash! So I have good news and bad news.
Good news is that I'm going to start an X-mas special called Welcome to your Christmas!!
Bad News is that this could be the end of Welcome to your Nightmare D:
I had fun with chu guys and I hope you continue reading my stories~
So here's Hong Knog and after this is an Ending special for ALL OF CHU!! :D
Hong Kong: ._.
Me: *u*
Hong Kong: .///.

Hong Kong could see that you were getting close to China and he always watched as you marveled over him when he painted human portraits.

Being the silent one he is, he hasn't confessed that he liked you so this feeling he had was a silent crush that he painfully held back, waiting for that right moment. But how could he approach you at the time when you clung yourself to his teacher?
He only had two options at this time:
1) Eliminate competition
and 2) Kill himself and you so you could always be together
...He had not the caurage to point a blade at youso he chose one.
It seemed easy when Japan rebelled against China so why not?

"You're so talented, China-san~", you awed as the Chinese country showed you his painting.
He blushed and smiled at you. "Thank you-aru, it looks familiar doesn't it?"
Leaning closer, you saw the painting was indeed you!
"You made me look so pretty!"
"'re already pretty-aru"
Your face reddened horribly so you quickly scurried yourself to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water.
A smile crept on his face as he turned back to his portrait.
"That's very nice, Teacher"
China lifted his face to Hong Kong who stood staring at him emptily.
"But seems to be missing a color..."

After finally cooling the heat from your face, you innocently made your way back to China, finding him pale and stiff.
"A-are you okay, China-san?" You asked worriedly putting your hand to his forehead.
"I'm...fine just tired-aru...t-tired.."
And with that, he fell to floor leaving his eyes and mouth opened.
No response...
Your tongue then felt tied and your throat closed.
After a few moments, it was silent in the household. You made no efforts to wail over him, just letting the tears stream down your pinked cheeks
It was terrifyingly quiet

But if you listen closely, you could hear the faint chuckling echoing lowly from another room...

[A/N] I LOVE the last sentence! It's creepy and mysterious.. heh heh =w=~

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